b*styles :: a lodge wedding, part 2

Picking up where we left off yesterday, I’m back with more shots from our lodge wedding shoot. I told you we had a stunning couple, didn’t I? Dave actually proposed to Abby just minutes before the shoot, so needless to say, they were happy and in love. Abby wore my wedding dress, and it was fun to see it in action again. We had the couple wandering the long sand beach, playing in the water, making s’mores (who needs wedding cake??), lighting sparklers and ending the day with a canoe ride.

Em took many, many other amazing photos of these two, but in an effort to not overwhelm you guys, I’ve just chosen a handful of my favorites. However, Cyd at The Sweetest Occasion is going to feature more photos from this shoot, so be sure to watch for them on her blog.

All for today friends. I’m out of the studio and headed to yet another styled shoot with my best gal, Emily!

photos :: Emily Steffen Photography
styling :: Bethany Hway
floral :: Studio Fleurette
papergoods :: 120 Water Street
jewelry :: Arise Designs
location :: Elbow Lake Lodge

b*styles :: a lodge wedding, part 1

Remember last month when I headed north to style a wedding shoot with Emily at Elbow Lake Lodge? Well, get ready, because I’m here today (and tomorrow) to share just a few of Em’s amazing photos from that shoot. We were blessed with beautiful weather, a stunning couple, amazing vendors, and a 5-star location. This shoot was loaded with sweet, meaningful, and charming, rustic, up-north goodness. Today it’s all about the details. And tomorrow I’ll be back with photos of our lovely bride and groom!

photos :: Emily Steffen Photography
styling :: Bethany Hway
floral :: Studio Fleurette
papergoods :: 120 Water Street
jewelry :: Arise Designs
location :: Elbow Lake Lodge

And because no styling post is complete with out one, here is the compulsory behind-the-scenes shot of me “tweaking”.

b*daily :: ice cream, market, relactivation

I’m pleased to say, I’ve been doing quite well on the Summer ’11 Bucket List–especially in the ice cream department (Exhibits A & B). On Friday, I hit up Licks Unlimited in Excelsior, MN for a cone of coconut almond bliss, which I then enjoyed dockside with a friend. This is undoubtedly the best way to kick off a weekend.

I believe in moderation, so the next morning I headed for the farmer’s market and stocked up on fresh produce. Get a load of those strawberries. It took a tremendous amount of willpower not to buy the guy completely out. I also purchased a bouquet of flowers, which made me feel very European as I walked home swinging my market basket, with fresh blooms cradled in the other arm.

The rest of the weekend was spent in a state I like to call relactivation. It’s an active state of relaxation, for those who don’t know. Basically, when you are as hyper as I am, relaxation is a very difficult state to achieve, so you settle for doing activities (one after another) that are more low-key than the activities you normally do. There was swimming (twice), movie-watching (Source Code and Lord of the Rings), our church picnic, a couple walks, Sunday brunch, grocery shopping, and even a nap. Not a bad weekend… not at all.

b*loves :: the smells of summer

Ahh summer. This season is so full and intoxicating. I want to drink it all in–the quiet mornings in my garden, the hot midday sun beating down on my skin, afternoons at the lake, dinners on the patio, and warm evening strolls. Oh, and the smells. Nothing compares with the smells of summer…

fresh cut grass
charcoal barbecues
lake water
overripe berries
fair food
lawn mower exhaust
still-warm waffle cones
flowers in full bloom
sun-kissed skin
hot asphalt
suntan lotion
bug spray
a sea breeze
fresh fish
rain on the pavement
campfire smoke

Okay, your turn. What are the smells of your summer?


b*daily :: fireworks, bonfire, and night swimming

I come from a family of pyromaniacs, so it’s no surprise that our 4th of July celebration went off with quite a bang. Thankfully, one of my cousins is a fire chief, and another is a volunteer firefighter. With their help, we were able to easily manage the small fire that was ignited on the edge of the forest. On Saturday and Sunday evenings, we lit off a whole host of explosives. The neighbors miraculously didn’t complain, and all of the Passananti’s seemed to get their fill of playing with fire.

On Sunday night, after the last of the fireworks that day, a few cousins gathered at the lake for a bonfire. It was a beautiful night, with stars glimmering overhead and a warm breeze making ripples on the water. In a moment of spontaneity, I threw on my swimsuit, grabbed a couple cousins and headed for the dock. Night swimming has long been a favorite activity of mine. Growing up on the lake, it was something I did with regularity as a child. On this particular night, with fireworks and stars above, we swam to the raft, did cannonballs and felt the rush of being alive and awake. After our swim, we gathered around the fire to dry off and warm up, plopping ourselves in the sand and roasting marshmallows over the open flames. A neighbor came by with giant sparklers, which we lit in the fire. An hour later, I drifted off to sleep, still feeling the coolness of the lake and the heat of the fire near my skin. Such an amazing night!

On Monday morning, I woke at 4:30 a.m., got ready, packed and jumped in the car to head home for a day with my husband and a few friends. It was a low-key, entirely perfect 4th of July. We sat around the patio, went swimming, grilled, napped, and then headed to a small town on the lake near our home for dinner on the dock and fireworks. A perfect end to what was a wonderFULL summer weekend!

This week I’ve been busy with a new design project, and I can’t wait to share it with you in a month or so. In the meantime, it’s time to announce our WINNER for the last giveaway. Congrats to Kim, who was commenter No. 19!! You are the lucky winner of the lanterns and kitchen shears. Email me at bethany(at)bspokestudio.com to claim your prize!

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