b*daily :: black sparkly TOMS

Yesterday was her birthday. And I actually remembered. This is remarkable for many reasons, not the least of which is, well, I always forget it. I am bad at birthdays, in general. Blame it on the fact that my birthday is a week before Christmas and generally gets lost in the hub-bub. Anyways, I remembered her birthday this year.

For no less than two months, she’s been talking about “black sparkly TOMS“. On and on and on. So I bought her a pair. Because I love her. NOT because I think that black sparkly TOMS are in any, way, shape or form fashionable. If you know me at all, you will quickly learn that glittery and girly are antonyms of me. So it’s hard to imagine anything “sparkly” on my feet. She, however, will undoubtedly rock them, and hopefully with a smile on her face, knowing that she is loved and adored by me.

Happy Birthday, dear friend!

b*loves :: music monday

Happy Monday, loves. I’m here just briefly today–busy day and busy week ahead! I’m calling today Music Monday. Consider the list above a perfect playlist for the autumn season ahead. These are the peeps I’ve been listening to lately–in my studio, in my car, while I clean the house, during impromptu dance sessions in the living room. You get the picture. I tend to max out on everything I do in general, which, when applied to music, means that I play the same songs/bands over and over and over and over and over until I can’t stand the sound of them anymore. Bad habit, I know.

If you only check out one band from this list, make it Angus & Julia Stone. These two are seriously talented, and their sound is mmmmm-good. Also, Band of Horses is pretty much amazing. So you should probably check them out, too.

Okay, all for now, dears. Be back tomorrow!

b*daily :: moka, e’ molto buona

This week, two wonderful things happened. First, one of my pals sent me a Bialetti Moka Express. He also sent me step-by-step instructions for making the best coffee of my life. On Wednesday, I picked up beans, and this weekend, I will be embarking on a coffee-making adventure. I’m already certain that I will love my moka beyond words. Because, let’s be honest. I will be making it in a Bialetti. Which is made in Italy. Do I need to go on? Really? I think not.

The second wonderful thing that happened this week was one lezione d’Italiano. Si! E’ molto buona. In other words, I’m learning Italian from a friend. It’s very good! I think my favorite part was practicing our goodbye with a *kiss*kiss*. The Passananti in my blood runs strong, and I’ve found myself testing and tasting the musical roll of the words and phrases on my tongue over and over again. Fairly certain I am going to fall in love with this language–just as much as I am in love with all Italian culture and cuisine!

Happy weekend, dears. Be back Monday!

b*ponders :: what needs to be said

A thought has been bouncing around the walls of my brain lately. It is as follows:

Sometimes I say what doesn’t need to be said.

but on the other hand

Sometimes I do not say what needs to be said.

Honesty is my anthem. I value authenticity and blunt truth more than almost anything else. Fake, fluff or faux make me want to vomit.

I’ve always tried to be very real with you guys here on the blog. I don’t ever write to please. I don’t write to appeal or gain readership. I write about what is really going on, what I’m thinking about, working on, longing for, craving, loving, doing. Sometimes the deeper, more important stuff of life is glossed over, I know. And sometimes I emphasize too much of the stuff that doesn’t matter. Thus the pondering.

My pondering initially was related to blog content, however, I think it carries over to other areas of life. Like relationships. How often does a conversation end without any real connection? How often is personal depth replaced with pointless detail? And on the flip side, how often is a word spoken that would be better left unsaid? Answers to these questions, I do not have. I only know that finding and choosing the right words is a pursuit worth my time. Finding the right mix of honesty, authenticity and genuine care for the person on the receiving of my communication is something I want to keep pondering and pursuing. Join me?

b*loves :: a few things about fall

This morning, fall is in the air. It’s time I embrace it. A few minutes spent looking through my October 2010 photos, and I started feeling a sense of hope. And joy. And anticipation. Then I made a list of all the things I love about autumn. Pretty soon, I was downright giddy that this season is upon us! Welcome, Fall. I promise to play nice.

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