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If you’ve been reading for any length of time, you will remember the lovely Shauna (here, here and here). I styled two engagement shoots for her and her now-hubby, Travis. I also designed their wedding stationery and helped style their wedding photos (see a few of them here). Needless to say, working together on these projects was a blast. After her wedding was over, I was bummed to know that our work together was done. That is, until she contacted me about doing some branding and a blog design. I was ALL OVER it, and excited for the opportunity to do another project with Shauna. This lady is effortlessly stylish, gorgeous, fun and totally down to earth. It’s probably no surprise that over the course of the past year, she’s become a friend more than a client.

A few weeks ago, we went shopping together. I asked Shauna to give me some pointers. This girl can put together a look like nobody’s business. I tend to get stuck in a rut, and always gravitate towards the same stores, styles, colors, and cuts. She helped me pick things that were just slightly outside my “normal” and put them together in a new and different way.

The first thing we picked up was a modern bomber jacket at Gap. They had it in gray (which I would usually scoop up first) and camel. I got the camel. Cheers to introducing a new neutral to my wardrobe! Next, we looked for pants that I could wear with tall brown boots (I already had a pair of riding boots by Bare Traps, which I love). In the end, we settled on dark charcoal cords in the “matchstick” fit from J.Crew. Now, I would normally hesitate to pair dark charcoal with brown boots, but you what?! It TOTALLY worked!! We also grabbed a green striped sweater from Banana that just peeks out from the jacket (not pictured in the style board), and completed the look with a light floral scarf (I got mine for cheap at Len, but this one from Gap is pretty awesome too). All put together, the outfit is a really nice blend of neutrals (my fave) and various textures. It feels fallish, a little bit edgy, and yet still “me”. THANK YOU, Shauna!!

Modern Bomber Jacket by Gap ($90) | Vintage Matchstick Cords by J.Crew ($79.50) | Ride Line Boots by Aerosoles from Piper Lime ($89) | Multi-Floral Scarf by Gap ($30)

  1. Kelly in georgia says:

    I like the outfit, and the boots are gorgeous! I know what you mean about finding it hard to move outside your “normal.” I would live in gap jeans and their favorite tee.
    Would love to see your work on Shauna’s branding and blog design! Does she have a present one that we could see?

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