fall flavors // in my closet, boots and scarves

It’s come up more than once in the Fall Flavors guest series–the topic of autumn attire, that is. Turns out I’m not the only one who loves the layers, knits, vests, boots, scarves, and jackets that make an appearance in these months of crisp, autumn air. Dressing for fall comes most naturally to me, and to a few others it seems. If I had to choose two of my favorite elements of autumn’s wardrobe, they would most certainly be scarves and boots. These two items are simple and easy to throw on when heading out the door, but they can really make an outfit. With that in mind, I spent some time picking out a few of my favorite scarves and boots for fall.


Long Dot Scarf by American Eagle ($19.50) | Ribbed Neckwarmer by Yarn Coture ($29) | Two-Sided Scarf by Lands’ End Canvas ($29.50) | Lightweight Lips Scarf by Gap ($29.50)


Buckley Boots by Mia ($129) | Buffalo Bone Rainboots by Chooka ($70) | Mackenzie Boots by Coconuts ($99) | Mexico Short Boots by Camper ($240)

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