In My Closet {Walk in the Rain}

As I sit to write this post, rain is pattering on the roof. It is April, and I am repeating to myself the old adage, “April showers bring May flowers”. I am a lover of sunshine, but this is the one time of the year that I happily welcome a rainy day. I love the fresh smell of the earth awakening, budding, growing and bursting forth into bloom. For this month’s style guide, I put together a look for a rainy day walk. This is perhaps a bit much for a walk in the country (think puddles and a muddy driveway), but I am entirely smitten with this sharp and classic style–black wellies, a dapper black cap, raindrop earrings, a giant graphic umbrella and a punchy bright red trench coat and tote to bring color to a gray day.


Kaarna Umbrella by Marimekko | Canvas Cloche by Juicy Coutoure at Nordstrom ($55) | Peruskassi Tote by Marimekko | Belted Trench Coat by London Fog at ($44) | Original Rain Boots by Hunter at ($117) | Silver Drop Earrings by Macy’s ($80)

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