brown paper packages tied up with string





I love the clean, homey look of brown kraft paper tied up with cotton string, so this year, all my gifts got this simple treatment. I added a yarn pom pom to each package (yes, I know I am obsessed), and I think this little touch adds a bit of warmth and coziness, don’t you? I also designed gift tags using a birch tree design I hand-sketched, then printed with gray ink on gray paper. I finished off the tags with a narrow strip of woodgrain textured paper (hard to see in the photos, I know), and a simple to/from written in blank ink. For several of the gifts, I used small to-go boxes that were leftover from a project this summer. Nothing better than re-purposing unused stuff, right? I’ll admit I am a tad bit smitten with the gift-wrapping theme this year… sweet and simple!

  1. Heather says:

    Darling! I too love the look of craft paper…it’s not fussy! I’m going to make me some pom, poms!

  2. Tricia says:

    Love them! Too cute!

  3. Love the poms! Thanks for sharing the tutorial! Its such a fun way to dress up packages. :)

  4. Parker says:

    I love these. Great job!

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