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Hello friends! I’m here today to show you how to make this glittery, glitzy set of candle holders with only a few simple items. These are perfect for dressing up your own home for the holidays, or for giving as a gift. The best part is, when the candles are lit, the glitter casts a million pretty little twinkles and shimmers around the room.

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:: supplies ::
candlestick holders
(I got an old set of three brass candlestick holders from a thrift store for $2 a piece)

flat white spray paint
(or any other color of your choosing)
glass votive holders
craft glue
glitter and sparkles
crazy glue
votive candles

:: directions ::

1) Prepare candlestick holders by thoroughly washing and drying them, then apply several even coats of spray paint to entirely cover.

2) While the candlestick holders are drying, coat the entire outside (minus the bottom) of each votive holder with a thin, even coat of craft glue.

4) Spread glitter on newspaper, foil, or paper towel, then roll votive holder in the glitter until it is thoroughly covered with glitter and sparkles. You may want to apply more glue and glitter if the first coating isn’t thick enough for your liking.

5) Once candlesticks holders and votive holders are dry and ready, apply crazy glue to the top rim of each candlestick holder then adhere to the bottom of each votive holder.

6) Allow glue to dry, then place votive in each holder, light and enjoy (or package up and give to someone else to enjoy!)

  1. Andrea says:

    this is an awesome idea!!! i really like it for all year round, since I love me some sparkle in my home!

  2. danielle says:

    I am so glad i found your blog. your ideas are amazing. I especially LOVE the chalkboard mugs, i think i might have to do them.

    thanks for the inspiration!


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