b*daily :: end it with ice cream

Highlights of the weekend: bonfire, bocce, bugbites, and brunch. There was moreā€“much more. Summer weekends are always nuts. But the frantic rush to LIVE as much as possible during this short season is part of its charm. The weekend ended with coconut cream frozen yogurt at Adelle’s. Could there have been a more perfect finale? I think not.

p.s. If you have been having trouble contacting me via hello@bspokestudio.com, my apologies!! I am having some troubles with email. Try bethany@bspokestudio.com. If you are still getting returned messages, leave a comment on this post.

photo by josh hway, dynamic photowerks

  1. Laura @ LauraLikesDesign says:

    Coconut cream frozen yogurt sounds super delicious!

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