b*daily :: family reunion and summer bliss

I’m back again after one of the best summer weekends in a long, long time. I headed out on Friday for Minocqua, Wisconsin for a family reunion and returned early yesterday morning to spend the day at home with my husband (who had to work all weekend… boo!) and a few close friends. I have a load of photos to share, so I’m going to break them up over the next few days.

For today, here are a few snaps from Saturday. We wandered the town, drank coffee at Horhay’s, munched on Minocqua popcorn, shopped the touristy stores and then camped out at the beach at my Aunt’s place. Having a good portion of our family together in one place was both thrilling and terrifying. The amount of crazy was off the charts, as was the abundance of fantastic Italian food. I spent most of Saturday in a swimsuit and in the water. Having grown up on a resort, I am fairly obsessed with summers on the lake. Barefoot, cannon balls off the dock, catching minnows, bonfires on the beach, tubing, sand in your hair, sun on your skin… BLISS.

More photos from the weekend tomorrow. Today I need to get busy on emails and a brand.new.blog.project! In the meantime, head over to the b*spoke Facebook page to see if you won the set of Envirosax!!


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