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Hello friends, and Happy Monday! Today I have a fun little story to share with you. It all began last year when we refreshed our kitchen. The makeover was then featured on Young House Love, and later was shot for Kitchen+Bath Makeovers© magazine. After our kitchen was featured on YHL, I got an email from a woman who recognized it. It just so happens that our humble abode was once the humble abode of her sister (cue “It’s A Small World After All“). This is how I came to meet Lora. Lora and her husband were the third owners of the cottage (we are the fifth). They now live in a farmhouse not too far away. We connected via email, and then in person. Lora and I became instant friends as we shared our love for the cozy Cape Cod on the hill.


Around the time that Lora and I met, she was in the midst of opening an occasional store with her friend and business partner, Cheryl. These two creative ladies are pros at finding and using vintage items in new and unique ways–transforming furnishings, textiles and hardware into trendy wares for your home. Lora asked if I could help with their branding and design needs for the new shop. I jumped at the chance. The logo for Patina General turned out a little bit vintage, a little bit modern, a little bit playful, and full of personality… just like their shop! I also designed business cards, postcards and a blog for them.

Today on the Patina General blog, Lora is sharing more of our “small world” story, and how the love of a home can bring people together. Thanks, Lora, for sharing our story and being a part of the history of the cottage!

  1. LauraC says:

    Awww, so sweet and special! YHL found their original owners; that was a favorite post of mine. We’ve stayed fairly connected to the family we bought our home from two years ago (built in ’48, we’re the third owners) because the lady’s brother lives next door! We’ve had her over at Christmas and we see her in the summer outside coming or going. She and her husband raised four girls here. She just turned 96! So it’s pretty neat to have that connection. Glad you two could meet!

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