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So it’s Friday. That means my mind has turned into something like a circus carnival. The number of distractions floating around in my brain is astounding. Since focusing my energies into writing a coherent blog post would be nearly impossible, I asked Intern Laura if she wanted to g-chat with me for awhile. I figured our conversation would make for a very entertaining post. That or you will think we are lunatics and never read this blog again. Either way works, really… Happy Friday!!

me: Hi Laura!So, hey I was thinking…
9:14 AMlet’s have a conversation and then blog it!
It’s Friday anyways, and my brain is already on vacation. I can’t think of anything else to blog about.
lauraalice.stewart: Ok, but if I make a typo you have to promise to take it out!
me: I will consider it.
lauraalice.stewart: deal.
me: Ok.
9:15 AM First question for you:
What kind of milk do you drink?
9:16 AM lauraalice.stewart: Mmmm, great question. I usually drink Market Pantry brand, 1%.
me: Nice! I drink skim or soy milk, depending on my mood.
9:17 AM lauraalice.stewart: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
9:20 AM me: This is a hard one. I think about it often. I actually don’t think I’ve found my perfect locale, but I’m sure it’s out there. Ideally, I would live close to or on the ocean, because I LOVE the beach and all things about being near the water. Plus I want to take up surfing. But I also happen to love the mountains. So, I would want to live somewhere close to some wild country, so I could go hiking and stuff. Additionally, I would like to be near to some cool city, because I have to get my sushi fix on a regular basis.
9:21 AM Basically, I’ve never been anywhere like this, but I am thinking maybe California would satisfy??
Not sure.
9:29 AM lauraalice.stewart: I think I have the PERFECT place for you. It’s actually where I would love to live someday if I had the opportunity. It’s the beautiful island of Tasmania. I was there a few years back for a band tour and I fell in love with the place. The island is protected by national parks and so you don’t have to travel far to walk the trails of a rainforest! Not to mention, their food is absolutely incredible! Fresh seafood everyday. So there you have it: the ocean, surfing, mountains, wild country, and fresh seafood.
9:31 AM me: ok I just googled it
I think I need to go there!!
Maybe tomorrow?
9:33 AM lauraalice.stewart: Yeah, it’s perfect. Maybe we should consider moving the location of b*spoke studio there…
Just a thought…
9:34 AM me: Not a bad thought at all.
Except we wouldn’t get any work done.
We’d be surfing and using our ATV’s and hiking and mountain biking.
9:36 AM New question for you……………
Would you ever get a tattoo? And if so, what and where?
9:44 AM lauraalice.stewart: Ooh, that’s a tough one. To be honest, I’m not sure if I could ever get one. I’m kind of a pansy when it comes to pain, specifically needles. I also have the fear of regretting getting the tattoo later on in life. I know, I’m so adventurous! However, if I were to get one, I would probably get a silhouette of some sort of bird on my wrist or foot.
me: Yeah, I hear ya. My biggest thing is the regret factor.
9:45 AM I change my mind so frequently, that I doubt I would permanently like whatever I chose to get inked on my skin.
But if I did get one, it would be on my left wrist and would be some combination of dots and dashes. Morse code for something.
Or maybe I’d get your name.
9:46 AM Ha!
lauraalice.stewart: YAY! I was hoping you would say that…
I’ve actually seriously considered getting Bethany Hway or b*spoke branded on my back…for all of the world to see.
9:47 AM me: That would be so awesome.
lauraalice.stewart: I know. I’m saving up my pennies.
9:48 AM Alright, next question.
me: Um, are you googling good questions to ask???
Seriously, I think that’s what I see on your screen.
9:49 AM lauraalice.stewart: Bethany, how dare you accuse me of lacking creativity in my question asking abilities! I’m reading an email…
9:50 AM me: oh REALLY
It has allot of questions in it.
9:51 AM lauraalice.stewart: I know it does, and I can see why that would be confusing! I’m currently designing something for a client and I’m asking them several questions to get the feel for their brand…that’s all. Easy mistake to make.
9:52 AM me: right, right
so… anyways, the question, please?
9:53 AM lauraalice.stewart: If you could take five things to a deserted island, what would you take?
me: Is it a tropical Island?
9:54 AM lauraalice.stewart: Yes. You’re on the island from Cast Away…
9:55 AM me: Oh! Nice.
Too bad I haven’t seen that movie in forever.
9:56 AM Are there spiders on that island, remind me.
lauraalice.stewart: Yes, BIG ONES!
me: Oh YUCK
That changes things.
lauraalice.stewart: I’m totally joking.
me: Oh good.
lauraalice.stewart: I don’t recall spiders in that movie.
me: Ok.
9:57 AM lauraalice.stewart: Ooh, wait! What if you were stuck on the island from King Kong?!
me: What??
lauraalice.stewart: Please tell me you’ve seen that movie!
me: No, I think I like the other one better.
I don’t remember anything about that movie except the part where the giant gorilla is holding the lady like a barbie and stroking her hair or something.
9:58 AM It was so disturbing.
lauraalice.stewart: HAHAHA! Yeah, it’s a pretty terrifying movie!
me: Ok, so back to the question….
9:59 AM First off, I would bring my Bible. That sounds cliche, but I know I would want it.
Secondly, I would bring a knife with a steal blade.
And third, a piece of flint.
10:00 AM I learned how to make fires out of flint and steal as a kid, so those two things would provide me warmth, defense and a way to kill and cook my food.
(I should totally be on survior)
err… I mean survivor
10:01 AM lauraalice.stewart: Nice! Smart thinking…you could be the next Bear Grylls!
me: Huh? Don’t know who that is.
I’m still trying to figure out my fourth and fifth things.
10:02 AM lauraalice.stewart: You’ve seriously never seen Man vs. Wild??
me: From a purely practical point of view, I would choose to bring good shoes and a tent.
Oh yeah!
Sorry, I am really out of the loop on… many things.
Like pop culture and TV and spelling
lauraalice.stewart: Apparently…
me: gee thanks
10:04 AM From a more warm and fuzzy point of view, my fourth and fifth things would probably be an iPod loaded with Mat Kearney songs and my camera.
Now your turn.
10:06 AM lauraalice.stewart: Nice! What are you going to do once your ipod and camera dies though? You never mentioned a solar charger or extra batteries and so you would be out of luck after a few days…
Which leads me to my answer…
10:07 AM I would bring my Mac and solar charger (if such a things exists)
10:08 AM me: I would cry.
Not really.
that’s why I would probably go with the first two things… the shoes and the tent.
I’d like being unplugged I think.
Ok, what else?
lauraalice.stewart: Bless you.
10:09 AM me: Oh thank you.
We should probably explain to people that every time I cough you say that.
10:12 AM lauraalice.stewart: Yeah, I suppose. We should also probably explain why I say that! Well, just to inform all of your readers, one time Bethany had a coughing attack and I didn’t know what to say. So once it was over I think I said, “Wow, I felt like I needed to say bless you for that.” And she responded, “I was waiting for you to say bless you..”
10:13 AM Alright, back to my list of things.
10:16 AM I would also want a fishing pole, a box of matches, and a sharp utility knife. I honestly think I would be set with all of those things. Who needs a tent when you have a knife and palm leaves everywhere?!
10:18 AM me: True, true!
Well Laura, that was such a lovely conversation.
lauraalice.stewart: Indeed it was.
me: I feel like I know you a little better, and I think the b*spoke readers will like learning about how lame we are!
10:19 AM I mean cool.
10:20 AM lauraalice.stewart: I would agree! You really can’t get much cooler than two girls in a studio, sitting in silence, and chatting on gchat for an hour.
me: No kidding.
How should we wrap this up??
10:21 AM lauraalice.stewart: Maybe with a good quote?? That’s what most important people do at big events and during big speeches.
10:22 AM me: Good point.
Let’s each find one.
lauraalice.stewart: Wait, I might be confused. I think that’s how they open…not wrap up…
me: well whatever
let’s go with it
10:23 AM lauraalice.stewart: Ok. I think I got one.
10:25 AM me: Here’s mine:
“A serving size on ice cream is like a half a cup. Is that like a joke some guy put on there? “Hey, come here: look what I put for the serving size. Did you see? I just did it as a joke but they’re going out like that.” You ever know anybody to eat a half a cup of ice cream? “Hey, you wanna go grab something to eat?” “Ah, no. I had a half a cup of ice cream. Ya, a whole half a cup. I just kept eating and eating and eating. I must’ve had two spoonfuls.”
— Brian Regan
10:27 AM lauraalice.stewart: HAH! Perfect! Brian Regan is the best.
me: I know. He really is.
Now your turn.
10:29 AM While you’re finding your quote, I want to clarify something for the readers.
We have been working this ENTIRE time.
10:30 AM I mean, we didn’t just waste an entire hour chatting. I sent two whole emails!!
And caught up on some blog reading.
That’s what I call productivity and multitasking, lest you think we are big fast time-wasters over here.
Now carry on Laura.
lauraalice.stewart: Can I end with a joke instead of a qoute?!
10:31 AM me: Sure!
10:32 AM lauraalice.stewart: Yes! Alright Bethany. What do you call a dog with no legs?
Think really hard!
me: Um…
…I dunno! What do you call it?
lauraalice.stewart: It doesn’t matter what you call him, he ain’t gonna come.
Get it?!
10:33 AM I thought it was pretty funny.
me: OH! Hahaha!
Yes, great joke Laura.
I mean I’m dying over here (not really)
But it’s clever if not funny!
lauraalice.stewart: Thanks for the encouragement.
10:34 AM me: No problem!
Alright, well let’s wrap this baby up.
Goodbye dear readers. If you made it this far, I am seriously impressed.
10:35 AM lauraalice.stewart: As am I. This is almost as good as wasting your time by watching the Royal Wedding!
10:36 AM me: That is so true!
10:38 AM lauraalice.stewart: Dear readers, if you were one of the millions who got up at 4:30am to watch the royal wedding and have now just read this entire post, I applaud you. Alright, now back to Dog Days!
10:39 AM me: And back to Biblio-Files for me.
  1. Jamie says:

    I liked this… it reminds me of the days past when we used to Google Chat every day throughout our time at work. You & Laura are very entertaining and I wish I could be a 3rd person in your cute office. HAPPY WEEKEND!

  2. that was fun to read! i like the idea of blogging a gchat covo. sounds like ya’ll have a lot of fun =)

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