b*daily :: meet olive

You guys are awesome!! I am making my way through your app suggestions, and the iPhone is getting fattened up. At some point in the future, I’ll post all my faves from your suggestions. In the meantime, check out the photo above. First off, I took it with said iPhone, and secondly it serves as an introduction to a new member of my family.

Meet Olive. She is a vintage Olivetti typewriter that I picked up for a mere twenty bucks. She’s 100% Italian, and all sass. She lives on one of the desks in my studio, and earns her keep by producing some of the loveliest notes around. We are getting along well, and I foresee a long and delightful friendship.

Happy Friday, dears. Hope you are all off to fun weekend plans. Be back next week!

  1. Wahkuna says:

    Very nice! I’ve always wanted a typewriter, and you got it for such a steal! One day I’ll have one too :-) (p.s. love her name *wink*)

  2. Jake says:

    I love it.

  3. Kathleen says:

    Can you post some of your favorite iPad apps too? I just bought one and am looking for great apps!

  4. Michelle says:

    Dear Olive ::

    You are lovely.

    Michelle – Lover of all things Italian

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