b*daily :: memorial day weekend… in a (blue) boat


Ahh… Memorial Day weekend. For us, it meant three whole days at home, together, with no plans—a rarity and something we relish. We thought about heading up north, but in the end, we were glad we stayed for some time to relax. Nothing thrilling happened, but we soaked up every second. There was gardening, painting, lazy mornings, quiet evenings, and plenty of grilling. Corn on the cob, asparagus, and steaks for dinner last night, to be exact.


Oh, and shitake mushrooms. I bought them at a co-op in Grand Marais last weekend and was saving them for something special–like our memorial day cookout. I found a great recipe online that involved lots of butter and garlic. Somehow, something went wrong. They ended up looking like this. Which, if you can’t tell, is basically a pile of charred shitake mushroom remains. Boo hoo.


The highlight of the weekend for me was the purchase of what I have affectionately dubbed “my blue boat”. I’ve been looking for a kayak for awhile now, searching consistently on craigslist for a good, used boat at an affordable price. I love the water, live close to many lakes, and wanted something I could throw on the top of my car and in the lake at a moment’s notice. When this one popped up for sale on Saturday morning, I jumped on it. Hubby was a good sport about it too, and dropped the plans we had for our morning in favor of driving downtown to meet the seller and get my blue boat. That evening, we took it out for a test paddle.






The water was calm, the sun was just starting to sink lower in the sky, we were dirty from painting projects, and we had a stick-chasing dog in tow. I carried my blue boat down to the water, plopped it in, and proceeded to go for a little paddle. It was pure magic. Hubby had his turn, and we decided that we need another yak so we can head out together on occasion.




On Sunday morning, I woke up at 6:30 for an early morning paddle. Unlike the night before, there were no boats roaring around the lake. Instead, it was smooth as glass and completely quiet. Mornings like that on the lake are the entire reason I wanted a kayak in the first place. I felt like I was miles away from reality (when in fact, I was only a couple blocks from home). Paddling a kayak is a good upper body workout, but the best part is being close to the water and feeling so entirely alive as you maneuver your the boat across the surface of the lake. Yes, I’d say I have a new hobby that will preoccupy me for the better part of the summer ahead.

Speaking of which, is tomorrow really June? Oh my. Be back then with a report on my garden, which is fully planted and starting to grow!

  1. Sounds like a PERFECT weekend! :) LOVE!

  2. Stéphanie says:

    This remembers me nice kayak time we had with our kids (13 and 9) during past holidays. The Gulf of “Morhiban” (that means “Petite Mer” – little sea) is a place in France where life is preserved for human and birds. You can make sea kayak around the wild islands or on the rivers. It’s a great experience – and sportive – to have a different sight of the cost from the water ! Like having another glance at oneself. Stéphanie

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