Fall Flavors #5 {Winery, Orchard, Backyard BBQ}

B_9-25-09_1Hello my lovely readers. It is Friday, the end of a good week. A long week, but a good week. Also the end of Fall Flavors week on the blog. I’ve really enjoyed putting together these posts and spending some time reflecting on the season. For a finale of sorts, I have saved the snapshots fro the Autumn Flavors party that the hubby and I hosted on Sunday. It was, by all measures, a smashing success. The weather was perfect, and we enjoyed a wonderful time with some very dear friends. From wine tasting at Woodland Hill Winery, to apple picking at Minnetonka Orchard, to the backyard BBQ and bonfire, every aspect was delightful and delicious. I had so much fun planning the details and decor, but in the end it was only a success because of the people. I am so thankful for the friends I have, and for the relationships that I am blessed to have as a part of my life.

The pictures above document the day, and some of the small touches at the party. I used old mason jars with leftover candles from our wedding (three plus years ago!) in groupings around the patio and on the tables. Since we were eating outside, I tied the plastic silverware in the napkin with scraps of fabric from the flags. For dessert, I served the apple cake, and set up a little s’more station (using my milk glass bowl). I even used my DIY chalkboard as a menu. At the end of the night, when the food was cleaned up, and most of the people had left, a few of us lingered around the fire, enjoying the flickering candles and beauty of the night. My brother-in-law Josh snapped an “end of the party” picture… which I love because it perfectly captures the warm atmosphere of the night and those last lingering moments of enjoying it with just a few close friends.

I took most of the shots above with my camera, but a big thanks to Josh for taking several of the party pictures (the flags, the menu, the grilling, the food spread, and the “end of the night” shot).

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Relax, unplug, spend some time with the ones you love, and do something creative… see you Monday!

  1. Bridgette says:

    OMG….i love this. i so want to be invited! teehee

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