Pieces of Life {Fay & Emmy}


I have always loved the work of William Wegman. His photos are both humorous and profound, and they appeal to me because I am a lover of dogs – and art. He is a genius behind the lens, and clearly has a great ability to communicate and work with the canine species. I picked up his book, Fay, at a local big box store for only $7. I had planned to set it on the coffee table, in an attempt to begin a collection of interesting books. What I didn’t expect, was to discover a beautiful, funny story about Wegman’s relationship with his dogs. The emphasis of the book is obviously Fay, but it also tells the stories of Man Ray, Batty and their many friends (Crooky, Charlie, and Pewter to name a few). If you need a lighthearted read that is both visually stunning and humorous, I highly recommend this book. You can find it here.


Part of my reason for loving Fay as much as I did, is because I am, truly, a dog lover.  Since I was small, I have always loved dogs… mostly big dogs. I’ll spare the details, but let’s just say, I have owned a whole menagerie of pets and dog breeds through the years. Right now, I have only one dog, Emmy. She is an eleven month old yellow lab, the namesake of the company, and really quite a character. You may have noticed her standing in the front yard in my “Home Tour” collection of photos. Since we’re on the topic of dogs, I thought I’d offer a proper introduction to Miss Emmy Lu!

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