pieces of life {weekend bliss}


Hello my lovely readers. I hope you are doing well on this Monday morning. As I sit to write this (I always write the evening before I post, so it’s Sunday night right now), I am at the tail end of a quiet, simple and blissful weekend. There wasn’t anything particularly exciting that occurred, but I really enjoyed my time. On Saturday I did a bit of work for the design studio, catching up on orders and working on details for our upcoming launch of calendars, calling cards and kids birthday party invitations in December. It was a perfect day outside, with sunny skies and mild temperatures, so I made sure to get out and enjoy it. The hubby, Emmy and I walked to a park near the cottage and played a bit of fetch. Em is a rocket, and time and time again proves to us that we should really be channeling her energies into something more than lounging on the couch. I was able to catch up on some chores, and tackle a (long-awaited) sewing project. I even got to take a nap on Sunday afternoon. In all of its quiet simplicity, this weekend was just what I needed. I feel refreshed, and ready for the week ahead. I have some fun posts planned in the next few days, so stick around!

How was your weekend? Are you able to start the week refreshed, or feeling a bit frantic as you prepare for the holidays? Is anyone getting ready to travel out of town for Thanksgiving?

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