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Happy Friday! My, did this week whiz by. The weather was chilly, and I mostly hunkered down in the studio, working on the new shop and on freelance projects. Today I took a walk with Emmy and stopped by the post office. More envelopes for the penpal pair-up were filling my box! I’ve also received several emails in the past few days inquiring as to if I am still accepting entries. The short answer is YES. I am more than happy to keep pairing up penpals for as long as people are interested. So, keep ‘em coming, my dears! Here is the link to the original post with instructions on how to join the fun.

I wanted to also mention my thanks for your notes, emails and comments lately. You are such an encouraging bunch, and I am so grateful for the kind words you send my way! I feel so blessed to have readers who are open, warm and uplifting. It’s rare that I get a negative comment, and I mean it when I say the positive ones really make my day.

One more thing before I get to the topic at hand. I was honored this week to have been featured on two wonderful blogs! Kristen of Paper Crave did a lovely write-up on Emmy Lu Design Studio and my new collection of papergoods, and two of my calendars were featured in the part 1 of Holly of Decor8′s annual calendar round-up. Thanks to both ladies for including me!

Now, let’s talk about fall attire. As soon as there was a chill in the air, I was reaching for thermals, vests, light jackets and of course, scarves. I love the cozy layers and general warmth of autumn’s wardrobe. Scarves play a big part in my fall style, and this year, I have three favorites that have been in heavy rotation. My current favorite fall look is tall boots over jeans, with a comfy sweater or sweatshirt, a vest and a scarf to finish things off. Believe it or not, winter is just around the corner here in Minnesota, so I’ll soon be donning heavy coats, mittens and hats. In the meantime, however, it’s scarves, vests and boots for me (that’s one more thing off the fall list, by the way). wear scarves, boots and vests as often as possible

With all of that being said, in just a few days, I ‘ll be trading the scarves, boots,  and vests for this…


Warmer temps are calling my name, and come Sunday, I’m leaving on a jet plane with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law to answer the call! Together we will board a ship and cruise on down to the Bahamas where we will enjoy each others company, sip fruity drinks, read books, and stare at the ocean. Believe it or not, I have never been on a cruise before, and neither have they! It will be a first for us all, and an adventure to be sure. I’m looking forward to the time away with these two lovely ladies (though I’ll miss my husband who will be holding down the fort at home), the sunshine and the change of pace. I don’t have any guest writers lined up, so things might be a little quiet around here next week. No promises, but I will be bringing my iPad and might be able to sneak in a post or two. Now, I need to ask any veteran cruisers, is there anything I need to know? Any tips on cruising, excursions, food, or life onboard? Do tell.

Here’s to a lovely Friday, a happy weekend, and a safe and fun Halloween! Be back soon, my dears…

Note: The shirt I am wearing above is the Asymmetic Hooded Jacket from Mystree.

  1. Nathalie says:

    Oh man you are in for a treat! I LOVE cruising! My number one tip is sunscreen. and LOTS MORE than you think! Also, never get too full at one meal, because you will probably want to try everything you see, which will be a lot. Excursions are fun, but don’t rule out just walking into town, or taking a cab to the beach. If you can, look up the excursions this weekend on the cruise website so you have an idea of what you would really like to do. And then book right away on the ship. They fill up. Hmm. I think that is pretty much all. Have fun!

  2. Excursions do make the trip that much more memorable. As for other cruise memories, I loved the shows they did at night, bingo was always fun and getting to meet new people is just something you do while on vacation. There are usually enough activities onboard so you don’t feel like you want to jump ship. Also, if you are worried about being seasick, there’s usually an infermary where you can gather “dramamine”. Don’t bother buying it before, it was free onboard. I went on a Carnival cruise and while the meals were served at specific times, if you wanted to change your dinner time, it was pretty simple to do. Just talk to the maitre’d. Usually the kids dined earlier. If you’re a foodie, check to see if there’s a special restaurant onboard. Our ship had an even more premiere restaurant and the food there was about $40 a person, but SOOOO good! Heavenly! Have fun!

  3. Laken says:

    You are just so lovely! Your posts always make my day!

    And you definitely just described the outfit I’m wearing right now.. tall boots, jeans, comfy sweater. Perfect for one of the first cold days we’ve had in Alabama. (Can’t believe you’re already getting ready for winter!)

    I hope you have a wonderful Halloween weekend! And have a fabulous time on your cruise!

  4. Jamie says:

    I absolutely love the scarf pictures – totally completes a fall/winter outfit! You are so trendy and cute!

  5. OK…ok…ok…first of all, those scarves are ADORABLE! I loooove the navy one! :) And secondly have so much fun on the cruise! Take tons of photos and take time for yourself. The best thing about cruises (IMO) is that everything is already psid for (well, mostly) and you can relax without even having to move from town to town! :) The ship does the sight seeing for you!!! Have fun and relax. Drink a margarita and day have no regrets doing it! :) I can’t wait to hear of stories when yo return! :)

  6. Heather says:

    Hey Bethany!

    Have a super great time on your cruise. I’ve only been on one, but it’s very fun. The only negative thing that happened was getting a bit sea sick one particularly choppy day at sea. So you know…you can go to the infirmary on the ship and they can give you motion sickness chewables. They were a God send!

    Have fun on the excursions, but take time to rest too! We look forward to hearing about your trip!

    Cheers! or should I say: Bon Voyage!


  7. Wahkuna says:

    Hey Bethany! Congrats on the features in the 2 blogs last week! That’s awesome, you totally deserve it! As always I love your post…and do wish I was cruising around the bahamas too! I hope you’re enjoying yourself! Can’t wait to hear about it and see pictures when you get back! :-)

  8. Karrie says:

    Your scarves are really nice! I think they’re my favorite accessory and wear them almost year round. Have a fabulous vacation!

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