Wedded Bliss {Fresh from the Garden Bouquet}

As a bride, I was constantly in search of ways to make each aspect of my wedding more personal and intimate. At some point I will dedicate an entire post to all of the details, but for the time being, I wanted to share an easy tip for all of the brides out there looking to add a special touch to their day.


My mom is an avid gardener, and tends to countless flower beds, a raspberry patch, and a huge vegetable garden. The bright pink sweet peas that climb and trail along the edge of one of her gardens have long been a favorite of mine. So, for my wedding bouquet, I chose to have the florist incorporate these vibrant blooms from my mom’s garden. The day before the wedding, we cut several stems of the flowers, and delivered them (in water) directly to the florist, who beautifully incorporated them into my trailing bouquet of orchids and calla lilies. This was a small, but personal touch that my mom and I smile about to this day.

  1. You really look amazing, this is my favorite care you know…….

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