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If you’ve been hanging around here for any length of time, you probably have figured out that Emily Steffen is one of my favorite people. Emily is crazy, and funny, and honest, and just my kind of girl. We met in college while taking a printmaking class from Dr. Love (yes, really, that’s his name); we toured London and Paris one spring break wherein we saw allot of great art, never showered (because our hotel didn’t have hot water), and rode the tube to Knotting Hill just to say we’d been there; we have a suspicion that our childhoods were identical and because of this, our brains work in similar ways. For the past year, we’ve been working together on a number of styled photoshoots. I style, she shoots. These things fuel our creativity, thrill us to no end, and inspire us in a way that nothing else can. Working with Emily is easy, because I “get” her, and she “gets” me.

When Emily asked me to give her blog a new look, I was all over it. Creating a fresh space for Emily to share her photos, crafts, and amazing adventures was easy, because I know Emily. When I design a blog for anyone, I make it my goal to get to know them in a way that will allow me to design around their personality, preferences and style. So for this project, I just built off Emily’s existing brand, then infused a bit more of “her” into the equation. I like how the new blog turned out, and I think she does too. Mission accomplished!

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If you interested in learning more about my design services,
please contact me directly at bethany(at)bspokestudio.com.

  1. Ms.H says:

    It is one of my all-time favorite blog designs ever!! Nice work! Your services may be in my not-so-distant future… =)

  2. Becky says:

    Bethany, I was just admiring Emily’s website today before I read your post, and I am seriously in love with it! It seems to have captured [what I know of] her personality so well, and the design does an amazing job of complimenting her photography. Great job!!

  3. jess says:

    LOVE it! Didn’t know you did blog designs. I’m totally coming to you when I’m ready for a change :)

  4. I love the soft textured background on your blog and on Emily’s!

  5. LOVE THIS! :) And LOVE YOU! :)

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