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Hello dears! I’m short on time today, but I really must show you this project before the weekend arrives.

Lavender Joy Weddings is the Texas-based event design and planning company of Stefanie Miles. I met Stefanie Miles via Twitter. A flurry of messages led to long emails and conversations on the phone. We talked about life, faith, business, marriage, Christian womanhood, and the wedding industry. I knew instantly that if the distance between us was less, we’d be spending a whole lot of time together. When Stefanie asked if I would design a blog and minisite for her company, I jumped at the chance. Working together was a complete joy. This project had it’s share of challenges, but Stefanie was consistently understanding, graceful and positive. She also had a strong vision for her brand, and it was a complete pleasure to help bring that vision to life.

I am pretty crazy about the way this baby turned out. The muted tones, warmth, textures, and casual elegance are a perfect fit for Stefanie. Head over to her site, and visit her blog, too. I promise you’ll fall in love with this woman, her style, and the gorgeous line-up of posts she already has. Happy Friday, dears! Be back next week.

*Lavender Joy Weddings logo by Lowcountry Press

  1. Stefanie says:

    Bethany, you’ve been such a joy to work with and I’m so glad to call you a friend now too! More than anything, thank you for the heart you’ve invested in this project. Few people seem to love a business the way you do, and you’ve really done that – I think that has made all the difference. Thank you!

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