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In my family, food is a big deal. Good food, that is. Dining well is a hobby for us. At home or abroad, our dedication to delicious cuisine is unwavering. Both of my parents are aficionados in the kitchen. However, the real magic happens when we travel. When we’re on vacation, anytime is a good time to eat. Our days are usually planned around which restaurant we want to try next, and we enjoy sampling tasty tidbits in between our meals. Now, don’t get me wrong, we don’t gorge ourselves, and we share just about everything so our portions aren’t giant. We’re all active, and our vacations usually also happen to include plenty of walking and hiking. We don’t consume just to consume; we simply love the “quest for the best”, as we taste, try, sip, savor and search for top-notch eats.

One of the restaurants that we have deemed divine, is Coho Cafe in Tofte, Minnesota. Nestled on a slip of land just a few paces from Lake Superior, Coho serves up a scrumptious selection of organic, gourmet, and home-baked breads, soups, sandwiches and pizzas. It’s the perfect place for a nice lunch, or a casual dinner. On our recent trip to the north shore, we enjoyed two meals at Coho. I got a little adventurous and tried their “Call of the Wild” pizza which features “locally made wild rice sausage combined with portabella, shiitake & button mushrooms. Topped with asiago, mozzarella, provolone & romano cheeses.” It was as wild and wonderful as it sounds.




A mandatory stop during any visit to the harbor village of Grand Marais, World’s Best Donuts is not high on my list of healthy eats. It is, however, home of the most yummy donuts. Delicate, but hearty, with just enough lightness to balance the slightly crusty exterior, these donuts are not for the faint of heart. I highly recommend buying a couple, because how often do you really eat donuts for breakfast? Not often, folks, not often. Might as well enjoy it!





Located dockside in Grand Marais, Angry Trout Cafe is a small retaurant that takes residence in what was once a fishing shanty. Their deck offers an unobstructed view of the active harbor and the lighthouse beyond. You can’t argue with the ideal setting, however, what makes the Trout one of my favorite restaurants is their bountiful selection of locally-grown produce, fresh-caught Lake Superior fish and organic foods. They are committed to sustainability, good food and great service. They succeed on all levels, and the result is a cafe that serves up great eats and good vibes. On our recent visit, I enjoyed hand-harvested wild rice blended with dried cranberries, peas, and some savory seasonings, complimented by a fresh salad and topped with house made maple dijon dressing. We also sampled fresh herring, which comes straight from the Trout’s neighbor, Dockside Fish Market.

It was a tasty week, to say the least. I checked a couple resaurants off the bucket list, and enjoyed the “foodie” adventures with my parents. The effects of these adventures, however, have settled pleasantly around my midsection. Now that I’m home, it’s back to clean eating and a rigorous daily workout routine. I love to eat well, but I also have an appreciation for fitness and good health. Everything in moderation, I say!

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  1. this was a fun read! my family and i are the same when we travel. i just came back from a trip to chicago and now it’s time to get back to lighter eating :) if you’re ever in the chicago area – try Osteria Via Stato for great Italian. thanks for the tips! and beautiful pictures!

  2. Hope says:

    Grand Marais-What great pictures! We went last summer and had such a nice relaxing time. (We hit World’s Best Donuts while we were there, too) So fun! MN is so beautiful, especially along the North Shore.

  3. Terri says:

    Ah, World’s Best Donuts… they truly are! We had some for a snack while in Grand Marais a couple of weeks ago. They truly are delectable. The Coho Cafe looks wonderful. We never did eat there although we thought about it… looking at your pictures, I wish we did!

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