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It’s been a busy week. Crazy, really. And yet, this marks Post #6 since Monday. See how much I love you guys? I became aware of the fact that I simply could not send you off to your Independence Day celebrations without this mouth-watering recipe for corn on the cob (which will make you rethink everything you’ve ever thought about said vegetable).

Come July in the Midwest, flavorful, fresh and plump ears of corn are abundant. The farmer’s market is suddenly overflowing with the stuff, and the prices… Oh, the prices! How can I pass up these deals when the change in the bottom of my purse will buy no less than 6 beautiful cobs?

There are several ways to prepare corn, as you probably know. Boiled or grilled, with salt or sugar, in husk or out, pre-buttered, or not. My mom boils her corn, and it is amazing. A little sugar, some lemon juice and a quick little boil on the stovetop for corn that is sweet and bursting with flavor. I like this method, but when I need something a little more, lively, shall we say, I bust out the chili lime ‘on the cob recipe. Really? Yes. It’s amazing. Here’s the how-to.

:: ingredients ::
cobs of corn, as many as you want to prepare
lime juice (bottled or fresh squeezed will do just fine)
chili powder

:: directions ::
1) peel back husks and remove the silk
2) lightly butter corn
3) drip, drizzle or pour lime juice on corn, just a bit (coat but don’t douse)
4) dust with chili powder
5) pull husks back over corn to cover
6) place husk-on cobs on the grills on medium heat
7) cook until husks are dark brown and starting to peel back to reveal bright yellow kernels of corn

Once the corn is cooked, pull off the husk and take a bite. Good huh? Really good. I recommend serving with burgers or brats or italian sausage and a side of fruit. Blueberries and grapes have a lovely blend of flavors, I think.

So, this wraps up my week-long grill series, just in time for you to get busy with your own backyard cooking. I showed you how to make margarita pizzas, taught you the ways of the mighty marinade, gave you glimpse of my fave burger, and introduced you to a zesty new way to prepare a summer staple (corn on the cob, of course). I think this might just be enough to officially cross off another item on the old Bucket List of Summer. Not that I’m going to put an end to my outdoor dining habits, but a list junkie needs to check a thing or two off every once in awhile, if you know what I mean.

have dinner on the patio, as often as possible

Now, travel safe, eat well and have fun doing whatever it is you do to celebrate the 4th. Happy Independence Day!

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