Good to Eat {Potato Corn Chowder}


I’m sure many of you are already with your families, hopefully safe at home enjoying time together for Christmas. If you are hosting, you probably know the need to have plenty of easy, go-to foods for everyone to nourish themselves with.


For this reason, I bring to you our first Good to Eat (in) post. Today, I’m featuring my mom’s recipe for Potato Corn Chowder. It’s surprisingly simple, very quick to make, and exceptionally hearty. (Please let me know if you have trouble reading the recipe above… I can post it in the comments section, and make adjustments to my design in the future).


You will also find this recipe published in the Ely Gospel Tabernacle church cookbook (called Feeding the Flock), which is full to the brim with recipes from the members of my parents church in Northern Minnesota. There is everything from Stir Fry Moose and Broccoli, to Grandma’s 3-Day Buns (Don’t you just love church cookbooks!?). Since this book is not readily available online, I am offering a FREE COOKBOOK to one lucky person. Leave a comment with your favorite Christmas tradition, and I will randomly choose a winner! If anyone is interested in purchasing a copy, please email me directly.

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