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In my small hometown in northern Minnesota, there is a restaurant called the Chocolate Moose. We like to simply refer to it as “the Moose”. It sits on a busy corner in downtown, and is housed in a cozy log building. I worked at the Moose for two summers during college. The tips were good, but admittedly, I didn’t really like the job. I attribute this mostly to the fact that I don’t have a bubbly, outgoing personality, and I had a low tolerance for the drama that comes along with working in the food service industry. On the bright side, however, during my time there I really got to know the menu and had the opportunity to sample just about everything. Their food is good. Really good. Pies are baked in house each day, as well as giant, delicious muffins, danishes, cinnamon rolls and artisan breads. Soup is made from scratch each day, and their clam chowder, served on Fridays, is to die for. Fresh fish is a frequent evening special, and their pizzas are top-notch. The ingredients for all their features are the freshest around, and the recipes are all truly gourmet.

Eating at the Moose is a summer tradition. Since the restaurant is only open seasonally, we make sure to hit it up as often as possible during the short summer months. There is something so comforting about slipping into one of the sturdy log booths, and ordering up one of my favorite dishes. I love bumping into old friends there, and watching the tourist steam into town just outside the windows. Over the weekend, my parents and I made sure to stop in at the Moose for breakfast. I had the Moose Melt; hash browns stuffed with veggies and topped with melted cheese and tomatoes. So delicious!

A meal at the Moose means I can check part of one item off the good old bucket list of summer.

eat at fletcher’s, the chocolate moose, angry trout cafe, coho cafe and fred & fuzzy’s

Do you have any favorite places to eat that are only open seasonally? Do tell.

  1. Nicole says:

    I found your blog recently, and liked this post so much! It reminds me of visiting my parents during the winter and enjoying a wonderful meal at at restaurant that closes for the summer months. The most amazing little hamburgers, with a special sauce unlike any other, and deserts (especially their homemade rice pudding). I couldn’t help but smile.
    Keep up the good work :)

  2. zanny johnson says:

    I just stumbled onto your blog for the first time, and as I was scrolling down a little, liked more and more of what you posted, loved your list of music, your Bible quotes…and I thought “wouldn’t it be fun if this is a Minnesota girl?” NOT JOKING. Then I saw the post about the Chocolate Mousse, and said out loud, “NO WAY!” The Moose is my favorite all time restaurant in the world!!! We live in the cities–Stillwater–but have gone to DuNord for years and years with our daughters and I absolutely love all of Ely. Small world. So much fun!!

  3. Bethany says:

    Zanny… I just love this fun little connection! :) As you probably well know, DuNord is on Burntside Lake. My parents keep their boat on Burntside, and it is truly my favorite place on earth.

    Oh, and I love Stillwater too!

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