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Last week, our chalkboard fridge died. It was a very sad day indeed. Thankfully it’s winter in Minnesota, which means a cooler in the snow does a fine job of chilling the milk. The larger issue at hand, however, has been finding a fridge to replace our chalky friend. Apparently fridges under 67″ are few and far between. Couple that with the fact that I had my heart set on a stainless steel model with a bottom freezer. Not much to ask, right? Easy peasy. Yeah. Not so. My expectation of swinging by Home Depot and picking one out in a half hour between meetings was crushed when I discovered that we were looking at a special order and a two to three week wait. Patience is not my speciality. Long story short, after much searching and hemming and hawing and irritation, we have a new fridge. It meets half of my expectations, it was delivered today and now I’m not looking at two weeks of trudging outside every time I want an egg.

Pictures of the new addition soon! Also, I think I need a chalk wall in the kitchen. How else am I going to handle the loss of chalky??

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