cottage life {kitchen refresh :: (more) progress}


I think I mentioned in my last kitchen update that I bought paint for the walls. I ended up choosing Flagstone from Martha’s new line of paints available at Home Depot. This picture really, really doesn’t do it justice. It’s a warm, yummy gray/brown tone. I am in love with it, and would happily paint every room in my house this color. The color on the right is the old green/gray, and the color on the left is Flagstone. Again, this picture really doesn’t give a proper view of the rich hue of this paint. I haven’t even gotten one full coat on the walls, but it will happen, soon enough.


While Zack and I were up north, we stopped at the giant-mega-huger-than-huge Menard’s Superstore. This store–it’s like nothing else I’ve ever seen. It has a grocery section! You can now buy lumber, paint, windows, patio furniture, carpet, plants, toys for Fido, Carhardt pants, and food to stock your kitchen in one convenient location! Ahem. Anyways, I finally found a shade that I liked for the window in the kitchen. It’s a bamboo roman-style shade, and I think it will look really nice as a backdrop for the new pendant light.


I also (finally!) found something for the grasscloth. It isn’t really grasscloth, but instead wallpaper that looks like the real thing. At the end of the day, I think that this is a much more cost effective option, and it will be much easier to mount behind the glass on the cabinet doors.


The cabinet doors are now all painted, and I have started putting the hardware back on and re-hanging the doors. The glass hasn’t been put back in yet, so in the meantime, I just reach through the holes to grab dishes. It’s so convenient, that it has me thinking open shelving would be a really nice featureĀ  in a kitchen!

I still have to finish painting the walls and some trim, hanging the doors, installing hardware and the new shade, as well as putting in the grasscloth. Yes, there’s plenty of work to be done, but the light is shining at the end of the tunnel, and hopefully, in a week (or two?) I will have an after picture of the whole thing for you to see!

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