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One of the other, oh, you know, minor things that had my attention last week was a little photoshoot at the cottage. Remember when I refreshed the kitchen? And maybe you recall that the refresh was later featured on Young House Love? Well, it just so happens that a certain associate editor of a certain publication likes to scout YHL for kitchens to feature in her mag. That certain editor is Rachel Haugo, and she is the associate editor of Kitchen+Bath MakeoversĀ© and Beautiful Kitchens and Baths, both of which are Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest publications. It just so happened that Rachel spotted my kitchen and contacted me to find out if I’d be interested in having it shot for an upcoming edition of Kitchen+Bath MakeoversĀ©. “Well sure!”, I said, after I wiped the goofy grin off my face.

Rachel and her team showed up on Thursday in two SUVs full of camera equipment and props. They took over the main floor of the house, setting up a working computer station for proofing photos, and using the dining room as a staging area for all the props that took my kitchen from “pretty good” to magazine-worthy. Fresh flowers were positioned in a vase on the counter, a bowl overflowing with pears took the place of my toaster oven, and a fresh bottle of soap was perched on the edge of my sink. These little touches gave the kitchen a clean, polished look, and brought the photos to life.

It was such a pleasure to watch Rachel and her assistant stylist tweak these little visual details, while their photographer worked to get the lighting and camera angle just right. This team is top notch, and they work very well together, adjusting lighting and props as needed to produce images that really shine. I tried to stay out of their way, but occasionally snapped a quick picture of the whole production. You can see that the house was a bit torn apart. However, a couple hours later, Rachel and her team left with the cottage put completely back in order. They even left behind a few “extra” touches in the kitchen, including fresh flowers, fruit and some fun hand towels.

The kitchen will most likely be featured in the Spring/Summer edition of Kitchen+Bath MakeoversĀ©, so keep your eyes peeled next year when the cottage makes its debut in a glossy mag!

  1. Jana says:

    That’s SO exciting Beth!!

  2. So well deserved! I’m glad you had a fun time with the magazine folks and can’t wait to see your beautiful space in print. Congrats!

  3. Tricia says:

    That is so exciting and very, very cool! Congrats!

  4. Holly says:

    CONGRATS!! How exciting it would be to see your own home in a magazine!

  5. Roeshel says:

    How exciting! Can’t wait to see it! Congratulations!

  6. Monique says:

    I saw your kitchen redo at Young House Love. Beautiful job. Congrats on seeing all your hard work showcased in a magazine.

  7. Jen says:

    Congrats! How very exciting. I hope you can post some of the pictures on your blog :-)

  8. Rachel says:

    It was such a pleasure to be in your home, Bethany! Thanks for sharing your beautiful kitchen with us!

  9. Jamie says:

    You kitchen turned out amazing and I’m so excited it’s getting published and recognized! I can’t wait to see pictures of it in a magazine! You must be so proud Beth!

  10. Bridgette says:

    Congrats! I too had the same experience as you. It was so much fun. They shot our kitchen last Fall and so I can’t wait for it to come out soon!

    I’ll have to take a peek around your blog! I’ll be back to visit soon.


  11. Jake says:

    Oooooohhhh. Congratulations on the coverage :) . I’m totally perving on all of that photo gear.

  12. LisaVdesign says:

    OMG Beth! That’s so crazy awesome. And I can’t wait to hear details on all the rest of the fun and excitement you’ve got going on. :)

  13. LauraC says:


  14. Jocelyn Pagano says:

    So…do you have a post on here somewhere showing the magazine coverage? That is so cool!

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