Fall Flavors #4 {Fall at Home}

B_9-24-09_1While summer is the season of going, doing, running about and spending as much time as possible in the out of doors, fall is the season in which I enjoy simply being at homeā€¦ holing up with a good book while the rain patters on the roof, baking something that makes the house smell delicious, raking the yard, and enjoying a bit more calm in my daily life. This edition of Cottage Life Snapshots is focused on the small things that make fall at home so appealing to me.

Fresh-picked apples on the dining room table. | Acorns, which constantly fall from the oaks in our yard. | Cinnamon sticks and the warm scents of autumn. | A new scarf, perfect for a crisp autumn days. | Leaves in the yard. | Leaves on the sidewalk. | Tea, chai, hot chocolateā€¦ warm beverages to sip on cold mornings.

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