Lovely in the Country {Home Tour}


Located on the fringe between rolling farmland and pristine lakes, my sweet “country” abode is a classic brick Cape Cod, built in 1932 by the owner of the local hardware store. He handcrafted the house for his sweetheart, who had one small request before she marry him – that he build her a “bride’s home” (Demanding, aren’t we?). He spared no expense, and his attention to detail was second to none. The home has only been lived in by four other families since the original owner and builder, and for the most part, it is still true to it’s vintage form.

My husband and I bought our home in June of this year as its 5th owners, and we promptly got to work settling in and making it our own. The first step was to paint every inch of wall… removing all traces of the red kitchen, yellow boy’s room, and periwinkle guest room. The new colors are subtle and cool, reminiscent of a neutral seascape, with plenty of blues, grays, browns, tans, and greens.

As a whole, our house has a light, airy feel, while maintaining a certain charm and coziness. The layout is fairly simple and straightforward. It allows for easy entertaining, without feeling too open and cavernous. The three bedrooms are small and snug, tucked into the upstairs dormers. Outside the six-paned windows, we are surrounded by towering oaks and a half acre of randomly interspersed gardens and grassy patches.

Home to me is a small, cozy place, tucked into the trees… where my heart is at rest, and my belongings surround me in a neat and pleasing manner. It’s squeaky clean, albeit untidy at times, and it reflects my love of the simple pleasures in life.

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