Lovely in the Country {My Mailbox}

Today it’s my turn to bring you all along on a little visit to my mailbox. Come with me on a short walk down the hill to the end of our gravel driveway, where we’ll find my large black mailbox!


(1) My sturdy and functional mailbox is just down the hill from the cottage, mounted to a large post. Each day I walk down the driveway to check the mail, always eager to see if a personal note or glossy catalog is waiting.

(2) When it’s time to send a letter, I pull out a small red flag that stays tucked into the side of the mailbox to alert our friendly mailman.

(3) Just under our mailbox is a small slot for newspapers, which gets used once a week when the local paper is delivered (free of charge!) right to our home. It’s always fun to catch up on the local news and stay on top of everything that’s happening in our small community.

(4) Even though we live in a more rural area, we still have a lock on our mailbox to make sure our mail doesn’t get stolen, and that we’re not victims of identity theft.

(5) Inside the mailbox is a small clip for attaching outgoing mail, as well as a large and roomy box for holding letters, magazines, and small packages. Today I received a stack of bills, junk mail, and a couple catalogs. Nothing too exciting, but the catalogs will be fun to browse before bedtime!

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