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It’s Friday. So I am going to write about chocolate. Fitting, right? Last week, Laura brought me this lovely bar of dark choco as a parting gift. I’ve been nibbling away at it since then, and now that I’m down to the last morsels, I think I have quite a good read on the flavor.

After tearing away the label, I found a gold foil wrapper. An indication of things to come? It definitely had a more luxirious feel than the wax paper wrapping of the Taza Chocolate Mexicano. I really liked the size of the squares. Bite-sized, guilt-free, nibblets of goodness.


Let’s talk about the texture of this bar. It’s the first thing that struck me. Totally smooth. I could easily get lost in its velvety, creamy, buttery goodness. Melting almost the instant it hits your tongue, the bar reveals a rich, deep chocolately flavor. It’s bitter (70% cocoa), but so very satisfying.

Green & Black’s chocolates are intensely flavorful, completely organic and made using the best Trinitario and Criollo cocoa pods. Upon further research, I learned that this particular bar is made using a blend of cocoa mass and cocoa butter. The cocoa butter coats each particle, so that the chocolate perfectly melts in your mouth (no wonder it’s so smooth). Now for my official review:

NO. 2 //  CHOCOLATE: Green & Black’s Dark 70% //  FROM: Laura Stewart  //  COST: gift  //  DARKNESS: 70%  //  TEXTURE: incredibly, amazingly smoooth  //  TASTE: rich, decadent, bittersweet  //  RATING: 7

I’m still looking for suggestions and gifts of chocolate! I have 198 varieties to go, after all. Hope you are all off to a good weekend. I’m planning on a mix of time around the house, yardwork, church, social stuff, and maybe getting out in a kayak. We’ll see if the Minnesota weather decides to play nice. Be back Monday… in the meantime, go do something adventurous, think deep thoughts, ponder grace, and eat dark chocolate!

  1. Oh Green&Black’s is so good! I also love Newman’s Own Organic chocolate bars, and Endangered Species chocolate. If you have a Whole Foods they should be available there.

  2. Jamie says:

    Target has a surprisingly good selection – but they are very mainstream dark chocolates. If you ever need help sharing a bar or 2 I might have to help contribute and taste with you! : )

  3. Hope says:

    Green & Black’s is one of my favorites as far as dark chocolate goes. I literally start to feel panicky if I go to the cupboard for my daily “fix” and someone has eaten it. :) Haha

  4. Laura S. says:

    Hey Beth – I LOVE the idea behind this post series! Yay for chocolate! I am very intrigued to find out which chocolate bar will get the rating of 10

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