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NOTE: Ok, ok, soooo I wrote this earlier this week, when those promising hints of spring were first arriving. Before a giant blizzard landed on our state with a force so menacing that this post now sounds a bit ridiculous. That is what I get for pre-posting I guess! Ok, carry on….

At long last, the snow is melting and the temps are inching upwards. Just marginally, but there is upward progress. Spring has officially arrived, and I suppose that this means I must conclude my Winter Bucket List. Oh yes, about that. I know, I haven’t mentioned it in awhile. Somewhere around mid-February, I lost my vim and vigor towards cold weather activities. Six items on my list never got crossed off. Perhaps I was a bit too eager early on. At any rate, I feel that the list was still a success. This winter, more so than almost any winter in my adult life, I got out and made friends with the cold. In the land and ice and snow, I found myself frolicking–and enjoying it at that. I skiied and snowtubed and walked in a blizzard and made a snow angel and sat on a throne made of ice. I became the queen of winter. I piled on the layers, and greeted each subzero day and fresh dumping of snow with a smile. And, perhaps most astonishing, I did not long for, think of, or state my anticipation of summer once until the beginning of March. This surely must be a world record, as most of my friends were wishing winter away in early January.

All that being said, I feel confident crossing off one last item today, before I bid winter adieu.

embrace the cold, get out in it, and learn to love winter

Now that that’s been taken care of… I will ask the question that most of Minnesota is demanding an answer to. When, on God’s green earth, will I be able to wear shorts and flip-flops again???

  1. Katrina @HA says:

    Hey, I just found you through a google search for a DIY linen pinboard. I noticed you’re from Minnesota too! I’ll be following you (in a non-stalkerish way) cause your site looks cool!

    We feel the same way about the Wednesday snow. That morning I fell down our outdoor steps to the garage hurting my hip and scraping up my hand. And then on the way to my normally 45 minute drive to work which was turning into a 90 minute plus drive, I lost control on some ice/snow and ended up in a ditch. The plus side? I took the rest of the day off and got to take a wonderfully long nap and catch up on some laundry! So, hang in there, spring is definitely coming soon!

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