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I don’t know much about mediterranean cuisine, but I do know a good meal when I meet one. About a week ago, I made a very delicious acquaintance indeed when I visited the Barbary Fig with a group of friends. Now, this is the type of place you could pass a million times without noticing it. It’s also the type of place you could walk into and wonder if you made the right decision on your dinner reservation. But persevere, my friends! The atmosphere may be nothing special, but the food is out of this world.

We started with hummus, and before the plate was clean, one friend remarked, “I can’t wait to come back here.” The main courses arrived shortly thereafter, and it was settled…this place is definitely going to get a return visit from myself and members of the entourage! I had an open face lamb gyro, and it was spot on. Piled high with tender meat, caramelized onions and fresh tomatoes, then drizzled with a homemade yogurt sauce and topped with feta cheese. Yes, it was delish.

The Barbary Fig is located on Grand Ave. is St. Paul, and is just a few blocks down from some fantastic shopping. And don’t forget to save room for dessert and stop in to Grand Ole’ Creamery or Cafe Latte up the street!

  1. Moriah Sunde says:

    I’ve never heard about this place! I’ll definitely be checking it out soon. Love some good mediterranean food!

  2. Rebecca Fowler says:


    I just found your blog! My husband and I are from Minneapolis and I am so excited to find a blog writer from here! Needless to say I will be subscribing! Also, I love your restaurant reviews. My husband is going to the Art Institute International downtown for Culinary Management so we love experiencing new places. First time hearing about this place so I will be excited to one up him with knowledge of a place he didn’t know about. :)

    Again so pumped for a MN Blogger!

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