b*loves :: favorite things week, giveaway #1

In celebration of the (relatively) new b*spoke blog, I have decided to do a few giveaways. Without you guys, there would be no blog, and so I want to properly thank you for hanging in there with me and continuing to read my ramblings. The theme for the (3) giveaways this week is “favorite things”. I know, I’m getting all Oprah on you. But, since none of the giveaways are sponsored, I have decided that the prizes I’m purchasing on my dime will be things I love. What better way to share the joy than give a handful of items that are already road-tested and Bethany-approved?

Okay! First up, we have ONE WHOLE SET of Envirosax. Without getting too cheesy, let me say that Envirosax are the best thing since sliced bread. I keep a set with me at all times, and I use them for everything from groceries, to beach towels. They roll up into a tiny little ball, and they are perfect for far-flung travel or around town. You need some. So I am giving one winner a whole set of their choice (from the Green Grocer or Graphic Series).

TO WIN: There will be one winner of this contest, and that winner will be chosen from among the fans of the b*spoke Facebook page. You will receive one EXTRA entry if you mention the b*spoke page in a post on Facebook. Your mention must be linked to the b*spoke page. Don’t know how to do that? Look here. If you are already a Facebook fan, great! You are still eligible. And you should enter again by mentioning the page to your friends. If not, head over there and become a fan! On Tuesday of next week (7/5), I will be randomly choosing our winner and announcing it on the b*spoke page. Any questions?

My apologies if you are not on Facebook and therefore cannot participate in this contest. Stay tuned for the other giveaways, and have a Happy Tuesday!

  1. Nathalie says:

    Best giveaway ever. I would be lost without my envirosax. Literally… lost in a sea of icky plastic grocery store bags.

  2. Emily says:

    Those are some of the best designs i’ve seen on totes like that. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Stephanie says:

    LOVE these bags! I have a few, but they are getting really beat up because I too use them for everything. They have some fun new patterns out that I hadn’t seen in your photo. Very sweet that you are doing this on your own dime! Love your blog and would keep reading even without you being so generous :) Congrats on the “new look” – I really like it!

  4. brooke says:

    I love envirosax!
    I tried to link to your FB page but it doesn’t seem to work for your page.

  5. Jaime says:

    These bags look like a ton of fun and GREEN! I hope I win :) Thanks Beth!

  6. Kendra G. says:

    I have just recently discovered envirosax and have been wanting to purchase some! I would love to win this contest! I can’t seem to link your facebook page on my facebook wall though.. hmmm.

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