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I have a thing for pens. PARTICULAR pens. Not ballpoint pens. Not gel pens. These pens. Smooth writing, fine point, smudgeless, ink pens. In black. Are you a pen geek? If so, check out these three fine writing utensils, and see if they pass your test.

#1 – Le Pen by Marvy
#2 – Pigma Micron 05 by Sakura
#3 – Sharpie Pen by Sharpie

Happy Monday, dears. Be back soon!

  1. Amanda says:

    Oooh thanks for the great suggestions…I’m a sucker for a good, smooth-writing black ink. I’ve always been partial to the old Pilot G2 and Uniball classics, but I will keep my eyes out for these! I always feel like using a sub-par pen is an insult to my Moleskin journal. :)

  2. Kate says:

    My favorite pen-geek revelation: upon joining a new small group, I pulled out my notebook and little pouch of 0.25 Pentel Sliccis, and one of my new acquaintances said “Wow, well you just told us everything we need to know about you!”

    I am especially partial to anything with an ultra fine point and prefer 0.25 and 0.28s if I can find them. Jetpens.com and stationeryart.com are dangerous sites for me!

  3. Mrs. Limestone says:

    Oh no, this is dangerous. Im a pen addict.

  4. k in seattle says:

    I LOVE a good writing utensil :-) –and this post reminded me of how I used to really look forward to going to the office/art supply store in town (way before Office Depot, etc.) and getting new Le Pen ink colors back when I was a kid/teenager. I bought a couple Le Pen pens in the last couple months and it took me back…Some of my favorite pens have died, so it’s time to try some new ones! Love love love a good pen and good paper.

  5. Rita says:

    If you have never written with the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens, you are missing out! And I also love mechanical pencils and coloring pencils. http://www.jetpens.com/Staedtler-Triplus-Fineliner-Marker-Pen-0.3-mm-20-Color-Set/pd/7942

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