vintage valentine’s {diy lettered banner}


One of my very favorite details from the Vintage Valentine’s shoot was the adorable sweetheart banner that Emily made. We hung it between two trees, and our bride and groom cozied up beneath it for some romantic and snuggly shots.


The banner itself was 100% handmade goodness. Sweet and delicate prints were used for the letters, and pink ribbon looped through grommets held the felt pieces together.


According to Emily, it was a snap to make! She was amazing enough to put together a tutorial for us with step-by-step instructions on making your own lettered banner… be it for a birthday party, bridal shower or even just a decoration in your home. Take it away Emily!

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Even thought I’m a photographer, I have always found crafting to be a nostalgic and fulfilling hobby; it keeps me rooted and creative as I am constantly searching for something fun to try and make with my hands! Sometimes projects fail and other times I duplicate them and give them away to every friend I know because they exceeded my creative expectations! I have always swooned over vintage fabric banners; be it sports banners, “Happy Birthday” banners, or seasonal banners, there is something so nostalgic about exclaiming an expression in eclectic fabric. So, why not try and replicate this idea for yourself? Give your party a punch for the next birthday gathering, or for a kids room makeover, holiday celebration or wedding or even just everyday home decor?!?! For just under $15.00 you have yourself a simple, DIY project that will have any guest wishing they had one to show off in their very own home!



Gather your supplies:

- Heavy crafting felt (just a note that the thin flimsy felt will melt with straight to the Iron which leads to messy messy cleanup)
- A variety of your favorite colored fabrics in various patterns and designs
- One spool of coordinating ribbon or rick-rack (1/8″ thick max)
- One package of 1/8″ size brads
- One yard of Wonder Under fabric adhesive *Pellon Brand recommended
- One 1/16 paper hole punch
- A word processing program (Microsoft Word) and a printer


Prep | Start by pre-cutting your felt pieces into the desired banner shape and size. I chose diamonds, but you could cut hearts, triangles, ovals, or squares. I also pre-printed the letters onto thin white printer paper at the desired font choice and size so that they would easily fit onto my felt pieces.

Tip: The more traditional the font choice the more vintage the banner will display; try a more whimsical font for a child’s room or fun birthday celebration.


Peel | Peel off the paper backing from the Wonder Under and fuse the “rough side” to the wrong side of the fabric.




Pin | Pin the printed letters to the right side of the fabric (it should be stiff due to the Wonder Under) so when you start cutting they will be crisp and very beautiful.



Cut | Once cut, peel the remaining paper from the letters to leave only the fabric and a thin layer of the fusible Wonder Under. Place the letter in the center of each felt shape and press with an Iron for 5-8 seconds being careful not to melt the felt with too much heat.



Punch | Use your hole punch to pierce the felt and pound a brad through each side of the felt shape. Use the brads as a clean path to string ribbon or rick-rack through in order to shape the banner and hold it together.

Tip: Beautify the banner with any other “flare” or crafty ideas to make your project one of a kind. Ie; add texture to the edges of the felt pieces by sewing the edges by hand or with a sewing machine, add buttons to the ribbon for added color or use yarn to enhance the outline of the letters by hand stitching.



Enjoy | I believe that every good craft should be smiled at. Hang your project, sit back and enjoy watching people “OHHHH and Ahhhh” over your creatively, crafty work! This one just happens to hang above our bed with wishes for happy and whimsical dreams as we doze off to sleep!

For just under $15.00 you have a handmade piece of decor to use at your wedding, give as a gift, share with family and friends, or punch up your next gathering. Happy Crafting!!!!

* * * * * * * * *

I just love Emily’s “dream” banner, and the photos of her project are drool-worthy! Thanks, Emily for putting this together for us.

Whew, what a week it’s been here on b*spoke. With the announcement of our big feature on Style Me Pretty earlier this week, and the unveiling of all the details behind the Vintage Valentine’s shoot, it’s been a pretty busy place.

I have a crazy weekend ahead, wrapping up Secret Project #2. Yup, that’s right, in not too long, I will have more yummy goodness to share with you in the form of another amazing collaboration I am involved in. In the meantime, I have a little weekend surprise for you. If you’re not already sick of the Vintage Valentine’s shoot, stop back tomorrow for a bonus post on two of my favorite details of the day. See you then!

*All photos taken by Emily Steffen.

  1. Jamie says:

    You guys did a great job on the Valentine shoot… I’m loving these posts about all the great ideas you guys incorporated to make it spectaucular! Great work Beth & Emily!

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