vintage valentine’s {diy wine-for-one favors}


Before I get into the DIY wine-for-one favors, I must make mention of the gorgeous labels, which coordinate perfectly with the beautiful Vintage Valentine’s themed wedding program and invitation that Dena Swenson designed.


What I love about these labels is that they tie in with the other paper elements, without being too mitchy-matchy or overwhelming. In Dena’s own words, “The labels were based off of the design for the wedding invitation. I wanted to get the themes of love, romance, vintage, unique, and playful across with this design. So using the heart, names & date on the label was the way to go. Something simple but still encompassing the theme of the wedding without taking away from the cute little bottles and table setting.


Now, a bit more about putting together your own wine-for-one party favors. I got the idea for these when a friend sent me six mini wine bottles, complete with tiny corks. Immediately upon looking them over, I could picture a cute tablesetting with individualy bottled servings of wine. After meeting with Emily and Dena to discuss the Vintage Valentine’s project, I knew tying these little guys in would be perfect.

As for finding your own bottles, try searching for “bulk bottles” online. There are many sources that offer various shapes and sizes. By buying bulk, you can get these for a pretty decent price.

The night before the event, we were ready to fill our bottles and get them looking pretty. First, we grabbed a funnel and filled up the bottles with a basic red table wine. You may choose to use a signature wine from your favorite vineyard, or even another beverage such as juice or soda. Dena already had the labels printed and cut (more details on making your own labels later in this post), so we just centered them on the bottles and stuck them on. Printing on label paper is a snap, and once the labels were in place on the bottles, they looked entirely professional, and really adorable!



Placing the six mini bottles of wine in this vintage bottle carrier made for a really fun shot. For your own event, you may choose to line a table with perfect rows of these mini bottles, or perhaps you will want to place one bottle at each table setting.


There is something romantic and stylish about these tiny bottles and corks, and set beside a place setting, they really have a unique and fun look.


To make your own labels, you will need full sheets of label paper (available at any office supply store), a printer, and some scissors.


I have put together a fun little template for you to down load for free HERE. There are four 5.5″ x 2″ labels that feature a couple different scrolly/calligraphic shapes set in black on a white background. These are really basic, and the idea is that you can handwrite the date, the wine variety, the event name, or the bride’s and groom’s names. They are sized perfectly for a mini wine bottle, or use them for anything else you can dream up. Enjoy!!

*All photos except for frame 3 were taken by Emily Steffen.

  1. Brita says:

    I love these labels! The table setting is so adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nathalie says:

    Oh my gosh! These are so pretty. I love how the ice cream (is that what it is?) in the dishes fit in with the color scheme.

  3. i do most wedding invitations on photoshop and also on MS Word*:”

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