as sweet as wild berries












Door County, Wisconsin in the summer; simple, unhurried, and as sweet as wild berries. We arrived last Wednesday to a breezy day on the peninsula, cool enough for jackets, but ripe with possibility. Hours spent wandering winding country roads, hiking worn trails through the cedar forest and along the rocky shore, taking in snippets of beauty, and pausing for a bite of something delicious. My mom, my best friend and I, all ready to explore, hike, shop, linger, taste, swim, and soak in three days of togetherness in this timeless summer destination. The hours passed all too quickly each day, and we collapsed into bed each night tired, content and sun-soaked. Quiet, restful nights spent in a tiny log cabin in the woods had us rested and ready for the next day of adventure.

Hiking along the shore of Lake Michigan, and watching the sun set over her glistening waters were two highlights of the trip, and two more things checked off the bucket list of summer.

go for a long hike in a beautiful place
watch the sunset

I have too many photos and stories for just one post, so I’ll be using the next few days to share the rest. Stay tuned, my dears!

  1. Sarah says:

    So beautiful place and pictures, expect to share your rest photos!

  2. Jake says:

    Great photos, Bethany! I can always tell when I had a good time somewhere, when I have a shot like that first one in the post– the no-tripod timer shot. It means you were having too much fun to slow down and break out the tripod, but also too much fun not to document it. I’m very envious of the time that you have been able to spend outdoors in such beautiful locations (and of the weather).

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