b*travels :: eating well on the golden coast, 2nd course

Picking up where we left off yesterday, I’m back with a few more highlights from our gastronomical adventures. First up, we have Pismo Yogurt–possibly the best thing that happened to me on this trip. One evening, we wandered the beach and ended up near the pier in downtown Pismo. Just up the street was a buzzing little yogurt shop, where surf kids gathered on the steps with massive bowls of yogurt covered in an enormous array of toppings. We had to investigate further. Turns out, this quirky little joint allows customers to serve up their own yogurt (the flavors ranged from Strawberry Cheesecake to Blueberry, and from Pomegranate to Chocolate) and then choose from about 8,000 different topping options. It was like an all-you-can-eat buffet featuring your favorite candies, fruits, nuts, sauces and sprinkles. Multiplied by ten. So of course we indulged. Twice. So worth it!

Another favorite dining experience was dinner at Olde Port Inn. Built right on the end of a wharf in Port San Luis, this place featured some spectacular views and the freshest seafood around. I’m not sure I have words to describe their calamari. It was that good. I mean, really, take a look at the tentacles on that squid!! Do I need to even continue?

The cinnamon roll from Linn’s in Cambria deserves an honorable mention. Really, not sure if I’ve even tasted a cinnamon roll like that one. Is your mouth watering yet?

And, the last highlight I must share… burgers from In-N-Out! Because no trip to California would be complete without a stop at this legendary burger joint (so I was told). Yes, their burgers were good enough to write home about. Or rather, text my good friend Jamie (who is from the west and grew up with In-N-Out) to proclaim my new love for their cheesburgers. My only question is, when do we get one in the Midwest??

Needless to say, we had a good time eating on this trip. But, believe it or not, we did do a few other things! I’ll be back next week with more photos from the beach and beyond. Happy weekend friends!

  1. Bridgette says:

    If you liked that yogurt shop you’ll have to try a local one. Freeziac in Eden Prairie. It’s near my parent’s house and we stop there every time we visit in the summer. Thank goodness it’s yogurt or my wasitline would be hurting.
    Looks like you had a nice trip!

  2. rachel says:

    In-n-Out is so amazing!! I loved visiting my brother when he lived in LA because I knew there were always at least 2 visits to there in store. So good!

  3. Emily @ NewlyWife says:

    Yes! In-N-Out is definitely the best. We Californians are blessed. Looks like a fun trip!

  4. Laura @ LauraLikesDesign says:

    Aw, I love the choice of colored spoons!

    Fro yo places like that are my favorite since you get to choose which toppings and how much of them you want. Mmm!

    Sounds like you guys had a great trip!

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