b*travels :: up north, to the hunting camp

Hello. I’m back as promised with more about my up-north hunting adventure. If you’re wondering why on earth I go hunting, let me enlighten you.

The number one reason is because three days of hunting means three days with my dad. Spending quality time with my daddy-o is huge for me. I love being in the woods with him, learning from him, and just being together. My dad is my hero, through and through, and I am always amazed at his wisdom, bravery, strength, and character. We don’t get to talk much, but these times in the deer stand together are some of my favorite moments.

The second reason I go hunting is because when I spend time in the woods, I become hyper-aware of the glory of God in creation.

The morning I took this picture, for instance, the frost on the grass and trees was just beginning to melt as the sun rose and lit the whole thing up, making a million sparkling diamonds. I can’t explain it, couldn’t photograph it for the life of me, but seeing it with my own eyes, while I breathed in the sharp, cold morning air filled me with awe, wonder, and worship for our great Creator.

I also go hunting because it’s an adventure. Getting to my dad’s hunting camp requires crossing two rivers in his amphibious track machine. Yeah. I know, right? Sitting in a deer stand sounds boring, until I tell you that we got to hear a chorus of wolves howling just a stone’s throw away on more than one occasion. At night, we take HOT saunas and then emerge steaming into the cold air under a brilliant and starry sky. We wake super early to get to the stands just as the sun is rising. These moments, and a million more like them make my blood pump, and remind me that I am ALIVE!

Then there are the birds. Okay, the birds aren’t a bona fide reason for these hunting trips, but they do add an element of fun to it all. While my dad was building the cabin this year, a family of gray jays befriended him. Now, whenever he comes to the cabin, all he has to do is whistle, and they show up. They are stockpiling food for winter now, and we lent them a hand, quite literally. Bread and scraps were given to the birds, who calmly alighted on our hands, took our offerings, then flew off to stash them. It was pretty awesome.

And that, in a nutshell, is why I go hunting each year. Back tomorrow with snippets from the second half of my week!

  1. Wahkuna says:

    Great pictures, it looks so peaceful up there!

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