eating our way through the county






I’ve mentioned before that one of my favorite aspects of traveling is all the eating I get to do along the way. That sounds wrong. Let me rephrase. I simply love to sample the culture and flavor of a region by partaking in the best eats it has to offer. This trip was no exception. Door County is well-known for its ideal growing conditions. Farms are abundant, with fields full of everything from corn to carrots, and from to cherries, to apples and pears. There are farm markets scattered across the peninsula, but my favorite is Koepsel’s just south of Sister Bay on Highway 57. Shelves upon shelves of canned goods make the store a fascinating place to wander. Homemade jams and fruit butters sit along side canned pickles and pie fillings. Salsas fill another shelf, near the maple syrups and spices. Outdoors, tables are laden with baskets of homegrown veggies. It’s a feast for the eyes, as well as the palate.




As healthy and as satisfying as farm-fresh produce can be, we were on vacation, so there came a time when health sense was thrown to the wind and we indulged. My favorite place on the peninsula to satisfy a sweet tooth is, by far, Wilson’s. Nestled in the quaint and cozy town of Ephraim, since 1906 Wilson’s has been famous for their home-brewed draft root bear, tasty burgers, and old-fashioned soda fountain. Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention the ice cream. Their daunting list of flavors draws visitors from miles around. I chose “coconut joy”–coconut ice cream with bites of chocolate and pecan swirled in. One word… YUM.






After dessert (yes, dessert comes first while on vacation), it’s time for dinner. Door County has plenty of waterfront restaurants, but one only Fred & Fuzzy’s. After driving down a tiny, twisting road, one will come upon this casual outdoor bar and grill. It reminds me of beachfront dining in the Carribean; sunny, carefree, with no worries and no rules. Seated under a red umbrella with a perfect view of Lake Michigan, we enjoyed our last dinner of the trip. I had a “perchwich”, Fred & Fuzzy’s take on a classic fish sandwich, featuring fresh Lake Michigan perch on a toasted bun. Again, YUM.

We were quite well-fed on this trip, but thankfully made up for it with daily hikes and healthy breakfasts at the cabin. I always try to maintain balance with my eating. Eat healthy and say no to pointless extras, but then don’t feel guilty about splurging every once in awhile with a tasty dessert or a special meal while on vacation. Everything in moderation, and always erring on the healthy side of things (for instance, we had salads for dinner one night, and made chicken sandwiches for lunch).

Anyways, I did manage to cross off another thing on the bucket list with our meal at Fred & Fuzzy’s. The list is getting shorter all the time, as the days of summer are dwindling! While Labor Day usually marks the unofficial end of summer, I plan on carrying the bucket list through a few more weeks until fall makes its official arrival. Not sure if I’ll mark everything off, but I do have a few more plans up my sleeve!

eat at fletcher’s, the chocolate moose,
angry trout cafe, coho cafe
and fred & fuzzy’s

Tomorrow will be my last post on Door County, and it is decidely geared towards all other decor addicts. I’ll have some eye candy for you, so stick around…

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