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It probably comes as no surprise that our trip to Boston included a tour of the city via its best bakeries and eateries. Yes, we like to eat well, especially while on vacation. We learned quickly that Bostonians love their Dunkin’ Donuts, so we played locals one morning and indulged. Most meals were a collection of snacks shared between the two of us in the span of a couple hours. We’d wander a neighborhood until we caught a whiff of something so mouthwatering, we couldn’t go on. We also intentionally sought out the off-the-beaten-path, hole-in-the-wall joints where the locals ate. Maybe not the trendiest, but we were guaranteed cheap, good eats! The Italian North End posed quite a problem for us, since there was so much amazing food to be had there. Crusty Italian breads (only $2.50 a loaf!), aromatic and flavorful slices of pizza, fresh pastas, and tasty cannolis called our names. Thankfully, we traveled many miles on foot each day, so the calories burned were at least equal to those consumed!

On our last afternoon, we found ourselves with a extra hour to kill, and a hankering for something sweet. We figured that a trip to Boston would not be complete without Boston cream pie, so we made our way to Quincy Market to track some down. Quincy Market was built in 1742 on top of a landfill that was once the Boston Harbor. It was the figurative center of the city, and it was Boston’s first public market, filled with vendors selling everything from fresh meats and seafood, to handmade wares. It was also a popular gathering place for the likes of Samuel Adams and those seeking a revolution. Today it is full to the brim with restaurants and fast-food stands. There are no less than ten sweet shops in Quincy Market, so we knew that we were bound to find what we were after. Sure enough, Carol Ann’s Bake Shop was serving up some beautiful Boston cream pies. Topped with a fudgy layer of chocolate, two slices of springy, light cake were filled with the most deliciously smooth vanilla custard. When our plate was finally scraped clean, we begrudgingly grabbed our bags, and headed for the airport, bidding Beantown and all her good eats a very fond farewell!

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Out trip to Boston means I can cross one thing off my fall list:

walk the streets of boston, with leaves crunching underfoot

  1. YUM!!!!!!!! I like a girl who can eat! :)

  2. beka says:

    love it!!! great pics, great food, great city :)

  3. Hope says:

    It is so enjoyable to read your blog! The guests you had last week were great! I’m so happy you guys had a fun trip. Your pics are wonderful…drooling over that Boston cream pie!!

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