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I’m back again, my dears, to let you know that the lovely Kathleen of Twig & Thistle is featuring one of my designs today. If you want to add some holiday cheer to your own home-brewed cups of coffee, then head over to Twig & Thistle to download your free printable cup sleeves!

Also, Kathleen is hosting a giveaway for a couple prize packs from my shop, Emmy Lu! Enter for your chance to win right here.

chalk it up







Hi friends. I am back today with a sweet and easy DIY gift idea. Whenever we have a big group of people over, I always bust out a Sharpie and the disposable dishware so everyone can write their names on their cups. Yet, plastic and styrofoam lacks a certain… something. So I recently decided to try painting a bunch of glass mugs with chalkboard paint. It only took a few minutes, and now it’s super simple to write everyone’s names on real pieces of dishware.

The same idea could be applied to any type of glassware. Label the the contents of each jar in a set of canisters, jot a phrase or word on a vase or candle holder, or mark up a mixing bowl. Package a set of mugs with some cute vintage spoons for a sweet little gift to give this Christmas. Don’t forget to include the chalk! I used small kraft paper bags from Michael’s and designed a simple little label to add some charm. Directions and free label printables are below!

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:: supplies ::
assorted glassware
(I got several pieces from a thrift store for less than a dollar a piece)

chalkboard paint
(don’t mess with the cheap stuff… I found the Rust-Oleum brand to be best)
small kraft paper bags
full sheet label paper
scissors or sharp blade

:: directions ::

1) Prepare glassware by thoroughly washing and drying it.

2) Open and mix paint, then wet small brush and paint directly on glassware. You may choose to tape off an area with painters tape for a cleaner and more precise shape.

3) Allow paint to dry (use a blow dryer to speed up the process), then apply second coat.

4) Write directly on painted surface with a piece of chalk.

5) To package the chalk, use a small kraft paper bag. Download your free printable labels HERE, then print, cut and adhere!

:: notes ::
It is advised that you hand wash all painted glassware,
and do not paint surfaces that will touch food.

just in time for your holiday shindig


Hello again, my dears! I’m back with a little surprise. Cyd of The Sweetest Occasion is featuring a holiday party printable I designed. It’s simple, sweet, festive, and perfect for a Christmas gathering, New Years party, or anything in between. Head on over to The Sweetest Occasion today for your free invite and wrap-around label printables!

remembering to be grateful {freebie}



Time for a fun little DIY printable! I wanted to create something special for you guys partly as a “thank you” for being wonderful and faithful readers, and partly because I hope these cards will help you to pause and reflect on the things you are grateful for. I made these over the weekend, starting with a blank piece of paper and my favorite Sharpie marker. Scribbles and lines and doodles turned into a simple circular design that I scanned in and added text to.

I printed a whole stack for my own Thanksgiving celebration later this week using a heavy, textured, cream-colored paper. I then cut each circular card by hand with a scissor. In the center of each plate, I will place one “i am grateful for” card, then give each guest a pencil for jotting down a simple list of their own. Perhaps you would like to do the same? Download your free printable file HERE, and enjoy!

the penpal project, airmail style



A couple days ago, I sat down with a huge stack of envelopes and began pairing up penpals. The entries keep pouring in, and I have a feeling that this will be an ongoing occupation. I don’t mind one bit, so keep ‘em coming. To pair two penpals, I started by sorting out the envelopes by region, putting the east-coasters on one end of the table, west-coasters on the other end, mid-westerners at the top, and southerners at the bottom. I then would choose two envelopes from two very different regions, because I think that sharing your life with someone across the nation has a certain amount of intrigue. Our lives vary greatly, depending on where we live, and so I made it a point to put together what I hope will be interesting matches. Before starting the whole process, I designed some small, simple airmail-style notecards to jot a short note to each person. I decided to make this simple design available to you all here. There are six small cards to a sheet, and they are perfect for tucking inside a package, slipping in a small envelope, hiding in the pages of a book, or putting in a lunchbox. You can download your FREE PRINTABLE FILE HERE. Enjoy!

To anyone awaiting a penpal, you should be receiving your envelope in the mail shortly. I can’t wait to hear of your experiences as you get to know your new friend via pen, paper and the good old postal service! To anyone who would still like a penpal, simply email me at bethany(at)bspokeblog(dot)com, and I will send you further instructions. Here is the original post if you would like the history behind this little project.

All for today, my dears… have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!

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