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Happy Tuesday! Time for another design fix. I promise that very soon I’ll be on to other topics. Like chocolate. But in the meantime, I’m here to share a great little branding project that I just completed.

Valerie Woerner is one busy girl. She is the owner of Southern Fete Events and Southern Fete Creative, the blogger behind The Wedding Shoebox, and the creative brainpower behind the soon-to-be-launched Val Marie Paper. Yup, she’s one super talented chic! Now, I have to be honest. Designing for people like Val can be a daunting task. She (and just about every one of my clients) is insanely creative in her own right. This can either cripple a designer, or ignite a fire of creativity. Personally, I love working with other creatives. I love that we speak the same language, and that they know how to give good, honest feedback. It makes the design process interesting, fun and challenging.

Val came to the table with a clear vision of what she wanted. She had a good feel for the colors she wanted to use, and her project brief was chock full of fantastic inspiration. Like I do for each client, I put together a mood board, just to make sure we were on the same page from the get-go. Can I just say that I adore Val’s mood board? I kind of just want to climb inside of it, get comfy and stay awhile.

The rest of Val’s brand came effortlessly. The typography feels classic, yet modern, and the hand-sketched elements bring a cheerful, personal element. Like a woman after my own heart, Val chose to keep the logo monochromatic. There is just something so YUMMY about a simple, black logo. No? She can always set it against a solid background for a little spice, but alone, it will stay timeless and always in vogue. The shape around her name is inspired by an envelope flap, giving a nice little nod to what her business is all about. That shape was carried over into a secondary mark that Val can use for packaging, notecards and the like.

So there you have it. A brand spanking new brand, care of b*spoke studio. All for now, dears. More to come. Soon!


b*designs :: find my eyes blog

Hello, dears. I’m back with another design project to share! This one has been such a joy to work on, and I’m so excited to finally reveal it the world. Find My Eyes is the online home of a very special family. Erica and Josh are parents to Mallory, Lydia, Maude, Ripley and Kirby. They make their home in the west and love adventure. Erica and I hit it off right away, with a shared love of the Lord, travel, foodie stuff, lists, the outdoors, and so much more. I felt like we were instant friends, and can’t wait for the opportunity to meet each other in person (hopefully soon!) for a culinary adventure!

Erica’s blog is a mix of old and new. A rough barn board background meets a chalkboard-esque navigation bar, and clean fonts mix with sketchy, hand-drawn lines. The colors are neutral, clean and right up my alley! I love Erica’s content–from gluten free recipes, to lists of music she loves, books on her bookshelf, thoughts on adoption, to-do lists and more. This blog is CHOCK FULL of fun stuff. Go explore Find My Eyes, and say hello to the lovely Erica for me!

b*designs :: helmutwalker photography logo & blogsite

When Laura and Raelyn of Helmutwalker Photography contacted me a few months ago about a rebrand, the emails started flying, and my excitement for the project grew quickly. These two areĀ so fun and working with them was a BLAST. Beyond our common interests (adventure! wine! succulents! boots! paper! the beach!), we shared a vision for making their new brand something that would speak volumes to their clients. We wanted to create an online space that feltĀ like them. We wanted visitors to immediately gain a sense of the girls and their work, and to feel like they were being welcomed in for a chat over Raelyn’s homemade cookies and a bottle of soda.

When I design, it’s a process. I work closely with each client to define the end goal and then to make it there. With Laura and Raelyn, I got to experience what I want every design process to look like. They provided helpful feedback and ideas, and I bounced back advice and new design ideas.

The logo is packed with meaning, and the site is full of fun little surprises. Bottom line is, I think we’re all pretty stoked about the end product. But don’t take my word for it. Go check it out for yourself!

b*designs :: simply loves

Hello, dears. I’m interrupting this string of deep, pensive posts to bring you a splash of design. Simply Loves is a brand I created for the lovely Shauna. Shauna was a client of mine, turned fashion advisor of mine, turned friend of mine. We’ve been working on projects (like her styled engagement photos, wedding invites, branding and now blog) together for over a year, and it’s been a JOY getting to know her.

For her brand, we went with a simple, subtle color palette and lots of open white space. I love the basic, clean feel. I like the organic nature of the black lines. I love the beauty in the tiny details. And I love that this girl is exceptionally talented and has AWESOME style. So follow her blog to keep up with some great style tips, wardrobe ideas, and fun lifestyle posts. Also, Shauna is doing some wedding planning, so if you’re in the metro area, LOOK HER UP. She is amazing!

b*designs :: nurtures song

I’m short on time, but I want to share this new project with you all! Nurture’s Song is a new brand and blogsite that I designed for the lovely Katie. Nurture’s Song is all about integrative wellness, which is a concept I can totally get behind. When Katie contacted last summer about this project, I was excited to create a space for her that was warm, welcoming and soothing. She wanted her brand to feel soft and spa-like. We went with subtle colors and textures, and the end result looks something like this. Check it out!

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