cottage life {kitchen refresh :: (slow) progress}


I took this picture Sunday afternoon evening. Moments later, I grabbed the drill and went to town removing doors and hardware. A few minutes after that, our kitchen looked like this:


Please ignore my messy cabinets, and don’t judge me on the contents. Anything unhealthy, I am blaming on Zack’s little brother who lives with us. Sorry, Josh. Anyways! As is usually the case, we had the unrealistic goal high hopes of breezing through the painting process and having a re-assembled kitchen by the end of the night.


We started by sanding all the doors. This took longer than expected.


Next, we started painting the doors with a light beige paint that we had matched to the lower cabinet doors. This also took longer than expected. Much, much longer.

If I was brave, I would show you a picture of what my house looks like right now, but really, it looks like something from a war movie. The kitchen is no where CLOSE to being put back together. I put a second coat on a half of the doors tonight, and finished installing the hardware on the lower cabinet doors and drawers, but I have a long ways to go before things are put back together again. Oh, and for the time being, the dining room table is in the living room, covered in plastic with doors haphazardly stacked around it. There are also plastic tarps everywhere, random paint cans and stir sticks, power tools, and piles of paper towels scattered across the floor. It’s rather charming. And not even close to done (did I mention that?).


Oh, and the hardware? Well, turns out the lovely pulls that we originally chose do NOT fit with the pre-drilled holes in our cabinet doors. Since I wasn’t in the mood to drill 35 new holes, we decided to pay an extra $1 each for these lovely numbers ($3 a piece total). I actually like them better than the original pulls, and find them to be a nice blend of modern and traditional.

Despite the minor setbacks and fact this project is going to take longer than expected, it’s really been a blast! Zack and I are having a great time working on this together, and seeing progress on something we’ve talked about for awhile. I know the kitchen won’t be complete for awhile, but I do look forward to having doors on the cabinets again sometime soon. In the meantime, I am happy to have paint on my hands and the chance to work on my home together with my husband!

cottage life {kitchen refresh :: decisions}


Well, I am making some progress in my Kitchen Refresh project that I mentioned here. Working off of this palette of textures that I put together, I have officially chosen the hardware and rug for the kitchen!

For the hardware, cost was a major factor, since we want to do this entire project for only a few hundred bucks. We need 35 pulls for all the cabinet doors and drawers in the kitchen, so ideally, I was looking for something UNDER $3 a piece. These came in at $2.39 each at Home Depot. They are made by Liberty, and I just love their dark finish, with hints of the warm copper tones, which I think will tie in nicely with the wood floors and trim.

For the rug, I loved the idea of using the Flor system. The best part, to me, is that if the rug gets stained (a likely possibility seeing as it’s in the kitchen), I can easily swap out a carpet tile, and carry on! I spent hours on their site, looking for just the right carpet. The Home Movies collection is modern and contemporary, with just enough pizzaz. Most importantly, it’s made tough for the heaviest-traffic areas, like our walk-through kitchen. I love the color options available, and felt like Popcorn fit with the overall palette I had chosen.

So, there you have it… two decisions officially made! Now I just need to purchase the pulls and order the rug. I’ll be back (hopefully) soon with more progress on the Kitchen Refresh project!

cottage life {kitchen inspiration :: textures}


Hello. I’m back with a little inspiration board full of fun textures for my kitchen refresh. This project has been on the back of my mind for long enough that an hour of browsing design blogs awakened some of the dormant ideas stored in my head. I am not going to reveal the details of my design plan quite yet, because they aren’t solified at this point, but I will share the textures that are playing a big part in my current day dreams. I am all about using grasscloth, beadboard, chalkboard, and a incorporating a fun, textured area rug to give the kitchen more interest and depth, and hopefully a classier, more polished look.

cottage life {kitchen refresh}


Let’s talk about my kitchen for a minute or two. This photo was actually taken well over a year ago, but honestly, nothing has changed except the bread machine was swapped for a stainless steel toaster oven. When we moved into the cottage, this kitchen was RED. Very, very red. See below.


Sorry I can’t find a better photo than this. It does give you a feel for the vibrancy of the RED. Also, it reminds me that I still need to talk about how I painted an ugly beige fridge with chalkboard paint totally on a whim and haven’t looked back since! I will write about that soon. It’s a very easy project and having a fridge that you can write on is life-altering.


Anyways, back to the current state of my kitchen. We painted it the day that we closed on the house. The color is Sycamore Green by Restoration Hardware. Now, I must note that I originally wanted to do a pale yellow kitchen, but over time realized that I would grow tired of it, so instead I did a light yellow-green. As soon as the first coat was up, I knew I didn’t like the color. I almost repainted it right away, but two days after we moved into the house, I was hit with a horrible wisdom tooth infection, which knocked two weeks off my life and left me feeling like a zombie for almost a month. The color of the kitchen walls was not high on the priority list of projects. So I left it. Today, I still don’t love the color, but still haven’t done a thing about it.


The other side of the kitchen has glass-paned cabinets which I have lined with this cheery lemon print fabric… which I loved for all of 4.2 days. Now, almost two years later, I am ready to repaint, find new fabric for the cabinets (which is needed to hide the food that is stored behind the glass panes), a new area rug, maybe some new artwork or accessories, and possibly even some new hardware for the cabinets. This is going to be a refresh on the cheap, because a total remodel isn’t in the budget. I’m not in a huge rush, but plan to slowly make progress as I find the different pieces and elements I want to use.

Well, I feel better already putting this out there. Now I have you all to hold me accountable to actually doing something about this project that has been on the back burner since we moved in. I plan to put together a mood board for the kitchen in the next couple days, and I promise to write about the chalkboard fridge soon too!

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