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Have I mentioned how much I love my iPhone, and especially the Instagram app? Yes. Yes, I think I have. But it’s worth repeating. I love my iPhone. I LOVE Instagram. And because I’m all about sharing, I’m here today with a bunch of Instagram goodness for you to check out. Below are my top ten recent faves.

skirt shopping, oh my

we can’t share clothes or shoes. but we can share a fitting room.

my new favorite pizza. grape, apple, honey. death by delight.

emmy is back. she earns her keep by warming my feet.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. yes.

morning run buddy.

youth group girls sleepover. it was as fun and as insane as it looks.

really, i have no words. it was that good.

november 23. sunroof, open.

run, baby, run

  1. rachieannie says:

    Win A Date With Tad Hamilton was your viewing choice eh? Good pick!

  2. Alli says:

    Love Mat Kearney! His show was in town a couple weeks ago & I’m so sad to have missed it.

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