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MORE CHOCOLATE! I’m up to 10 varieties (um, seriously? how have i only eaten ten varieties since starting this project??) which means I’m 1/20th of the way done. Hey man, it’s progress.

NO. 9 //  CHOCOLATE: Abdallah Sea Salt Caramel //  FROM: Minnetonka General Store  //  COST: $.50  //  DARKNESS: unknown //  TEXTURE: chewy with a tiny crunch from the sea salt  //  TASTE: salty, sweet, rich, delicious!  //  RATING: 8  //  NOTES: The caramel and the sea salt definitely impacts the overall taste of this chocolate, and in the best way possible. Since I love the flavors of salty and sweet combined, this one scored big for me!

NO. 10 //  CHOCOLATE: D. Barbero //  FROM: Broder’s  //  COST: gift  //  DARKNESS: unknown  //  TEXTURE: insanely smoooooooth, almost velvety   //  TASTE: Without sounding weird, I would honestly describe the taste as “seductive”!  //  RATING: 9  //  NOTES: To be quite honest, I’m not even sure that this was a dark chocolate. But it was so CRAZY good that I just had to list it. It’s an Italian chocolate, so no surprise that I loved it, right!? Its velvety, melt-in-your-mouth texture combined with a complex flavor (so many notes in one bite!) made for a completely gratifying chocolate experience.

  1. Elizabeth Anne says:

    I also recently discovered Abdallah sea salt caramels and i thought i died. literally. so i stashed the rest under my bed for only me to partake in my quiet hours. heavenly.goodness.

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