Designer’s Sketchbook {Special Delivery}

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love getting the mail and finding an envelope or package hand addressed with my name on it. I’m instantly excited by this special delivery, and brought back to the days of childhood penpals, and hand-written letters. Of course, I love email as much as the next guy, but there is nothing like the feel of paper in your hands, and the look of words scrawled hastily across a page. These were the thoughts and inklings that prompted me to dedicate my Designer’s Sketchbook entry this month to the theme of “mail”.


(1) Let’s Play Mail | from Anthropologie | Now, I don’t have children, but when I came across this felt playset from Anthropologie, I was entirely smitten. Complete with a mailbox, postcards, envelopes, stick-on messages and stamps. Seriously, I want one!

(2) Postal Service Surplus Canvas Bag | from Three Potato Four | Unfortunately, this heavy duty canvas bag from Three Potato Four is no longer available for purchase. However, that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t totally inspired to add it to my sketchbook this month. I instantly fell in love with the typeography printed on the canvas, as well as the practicality to this bag (it’s roomy and rugged enough to throw beach towels, laundry, or toys it in).

(3) Airmail Poster | image from | While searching for “air mail” themed items, I happened across this vintage poster on a website dedicated to the antique airplanes. It’s classic style, and historical significance was too perfect to pass up. It’s hard to believe that there was a time when postage was 5 cents an ounce!

(4) Vintage Air Mail Envelopes | from One Good Bumblebee | Nothing reminds me of travel more than these vintage air mail envelopes. What a treat it would be to find a letter tucked into one of these envelopes, with foreign postage adhered to it. Postitively yummy! (note: One Good Bumblebee is currently “taking a break” and not open for business, and unfortunately, I could not find another source for these envelopes.)

(5) Postal Stamps Rubber Stamps Set | from Paper Source | These rubber stamps would be so fun to use to spiff up a plain white envelope or a blank note card. Simple enough to use, even the kiddies could help!

(6) International Postmarks Glass Pebble Magnets | by Daisy May Designs | The only thing about mail that intrigues me more than the hand-written/hand-delivered aspect, is the postage. As a child, I was a (somewhat fickle) stamp collector. Though I didn’t pursue the hobby in earnest, I was always interested in stamps, and I considered them tiny works of art. These glass pebble magnets beautifully showcase international postmarks and postage.

(7) Bistre Continent Vintage Stamp Necklace | by BaubleandBlush | On the same theme as the magnets, is this lovely necklace that features a vintage stamp. It is a true original, made with an authentic stamp, and set in resin. I love the well-traveled feel that this piece would add to an outfit.

(8) Vintage US Mailbox Bank | from Alida Lois | A true antique, this small bank is a metal replica of the type of US Mailbox that can be found on many a street corner. These days, they’re solid blue, and have a much more modern appearance. However, I love the bold red on this little bank, and think it would look perfect on a child’s dresser.

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