Inspiried Palette {Farmer’s Market}

I would like to introduce you to a new blog feature I am calling “The Inspired Palette”. Let me share the background story on what I hope will become a fun mini-series of sorts. Over the past several months I have been working on new designs for our shop. When creating an invitation style, I take many things into account, such as iconography and typography. Color is always a challenge, because the options are literally limitless. I do a good amount of research on color trends, but sometimes… I look elsewhere for inspiration, thumbing through my photos and trying to find a set of colors that jumps out and speaks to me. It’s amazing how a snapshot can contain a perfectly complementing set of tones. It was from my many photo/color searches that the idea to share the “inspired palette” on the blog was developed. I am not sure if I will feature this weekly or monthly of just whenever the notion strikes. At any rate, I hope you enjoy this new little feature!


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