Thrifty Thursday {Eat In!}


I know this seems fairly obvious, but everyone needs a reminder now and then, so here goes. Eating in a great save to save pennies (or actually, dollars). Now, I love to eat out. My husband and I love to find new places to try, and we are, to some small extent, “foodies”. So eating in is a bit of a discipline for us. But, it really helps us to keep more moolah in the bank account, so we have happily accepted a “one dinner and one lunch out per week” policy. Eating in has become a wonderful habit for us… we love cooking together, sitting around the dining room table and taking our time over a yummy meal that we made with our own hands. Bonus–it’s healthier and better for us!

(Pictured above.. whole wheat pancakes for dinner! Tasty and oh so easy.)

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